Has anyone else had "blocked tubes"?
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cynmiller32 - February 28

I was told today that the hysterosalpingogram (HSG) they did showed my tubes...both of them were blocked. I am very upset and scared based on what I have read online. IVF is not covered by my health insurance and I don't know that I could afford it.

Has anyone else had this problem and successfully had the surgery to correct it?



linds99 - February 28

I'm sorry about your blockage. I have one tube that collects fluid for some reason, but they don't know why that occurs. They call this a hydrosalpinx. (I have PCOS, so the RE thinks that too much fluid may be generated by the ovaries.) Anyway, I have done research on hydrosalpinges and they are not very promising, unless you opt to do IVF. Really, from what I read, and talked with the nurse about, I have learned that blocked tubes are most of the time "damaged" anyway, so even if they suction out the fluid,, it usually comes back OR it is so destroyed that the scilia inside (the moving fingers inside the tubes that helps the egg flow to the uterus after conception) are damaged and don't work properly, so a woman may be susceptible to having ectopic pregnancies since the egg can't move normally to the uterus. I would say talk to your doctor about IVF, as it is your best shot to avoiding wasted time and energy on laproscopy and other operations that won't do anything to ensure a pregnancy. I think IVF is a good investment in your case, if that is your only female problem. I did IVF and it wasn't that bad. I got pregnant (but m/c) but I am doing it again, I think it is worth it. Good luck to you.


jg - February 28

I was told that one of my tubes was blocked (after a dye test), but the next time they did it, it went straight through! Apparently the tubes can spasm to create a blockage when they do this test, whereas they would normally be clear! I have heard of VERY good success rates with nicrosurgery to repair blocked tubes. Where do you live? Seems like in the US IVF is incredibly expensive, whereas where I am, Australia, it is VERY affordable.


cynmiller32 - February 28

I haven't seem my doctor yet...my next appointement is CD8...in about a week and a half. She is suppose to do a saline sonogram to see if she can see what the blockage is. How much does IVF cost...I make a decent living, but I hear its like $15,000 per session! (I wish I were in Austraila JG). The biggest thing thats driving me crazy is that I do not know what caused it. I've never been pregant, had an abortion, had any kind of major issue...and I waited until my 30's to start trying and now at 34 I find out about this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the test was wrong, I'm hoping that my over reacting is just that...nothing would be better than a mistake right now.

Thanks for your support



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