Has anyone bled while treating a yeast infection?
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K - December 8

I'm treating my yeast infection (I know, so gross) with Monistat 7 like my dr. recommended. I've noticed light pink and a couple small clots. Is this my period or did I scratch myself with that insert thing? I need to know if it's my period because I'm supposed to have an hsg done on day 7-10 to see if tubes are blocked!! Please advice if you've bled before or if this sounds like my period! thanks!


Kayla - December 8

Could you stop doing the monistat treatment for a couple of days to see if the bleeding continues?


K - December 8

I thought of doing that too. But the dr. wants me in one day during days 7-10 of my cycle for the hsg,,,so if this isn't my period, the hsg will be pointless..


Kayla - December 8

Sorry, I've never had a yeast infection so I don't know if it would cause bleeding, just thought I'd toss out an idea.


K - December 8

Thanks, Kayla! I appreciate any suggestions :)


d - December 8

i dont know if it helps, but i have had to treat a yeast infection before and i never had any bleeding...so you might want to talk to your dr about that. if you're still bleeding it's probably not from a scratch.


Marcia - December 9

Yes, I have frequent yeast infections. Don't stop the medication. You CAN bleed with a severe yeast infection. It may be your period, but I have bleed with a yeast infection. Don't worry! Eat lots of yogurt too.


K - December 9

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm done with my "treatments" now and am still bleeding, but really lightly. I called my dr. nurse and she said day 1 of my period isn't until I fill a pad...so I guess I'll just wait for that! Thanks!



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