Has anyone been in my shoes?
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butterfly - September 22

My husband and I have been trying for our third child for the past 4 months.I am 1 day early starting my period, but it is not heavy like normal.I'm alot heavier than spotting having to change pads twice today. I took a preg. test and showed a faint line. Has anyone ever had this?It's not brown either, it's bright red.Could this be normal implantion bleeding?


KD - September 22

Implantation bleeding isn't usually that heavy or bright red, nor would you get at accurate positive hpt at implantation. Maybe it's a weird cycle. Only way to know for sure would be to wait to see if AF shows up in next day or so or to get a bloodtest drawn to confirm HCG presence. Hope this helps and good luck!


laurie - September 22

i think youre pregnant.....I GOT A HOME PREGNANCY TEST...... i went to the drug store and the hospital , and a medical lab...THEY ALL TOLD ME THE SAME THING...........if there is a faint line.... it counts...... take an ultrasound.... i think you might be... but i aint no doctor...lol GOOD LUCK


to kd - September 22

I would go to the doc. The only way you can get a false + is if you have been recently pg or are on fertility meds. If neither is the case for you you could be having an early mc. It is best to get things checked out.



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