has anybody thought that this is a waste of time
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naomi - January 16

not being negative,but have been ttc for 3 years, tests all say that nothing is wrong, but for 2 years now, i have not been able to think of nothing else. I wish i could still go out, party a bit, drink, smoke and relax, but I cant. How much longer. I feel like giving up. I have to have life other than ttc. Sorry to moan but, never thought it would be this hard.xx


Tracy - January 16

I hear ya! I know it's hard and nothing can be said to make it any easier. Have you tried meds? My older sister had a daughter, and when her daughter was about 6 or 7, started TTC again. It took her five years before she went to the doctor for it, but she did one round of clomid with IUI, and was about to fo for her next appointment to see what to do next when she found out she was PG with my niece Cate. Don't ask me why, but for some people it just takes time for things to happen. My heart is with you. I am starting my second round of clomid today, I am 35, and noone can tell me why I can't get PG either.


jg - January 16

I sure did feel like that, but 5 years after TTC I had a baby boy. I felt like giving up soooooo many times, but hang in there. Have a drink every now and then, go out, party a bit, (don't smoke). You still have to live your life, and if you put everything on hold then life becomes a bore. Good luck.


cat - January 16

I understand the negative feelings you are having. I had my first pregnancy end in miscarriage 2 years ago and have been unable to concieve since. All I have thought about, everyday, for 2 years is getting pregnant again. Sometimes I thought I was going mad! My husband and I had ALL the tests done and nothing was wrong. Eventually I started on clomid in nov 05 and on the second cycle I concieved and am 7 weeks. Early I know, I am very scared, but relieved and excited. Don't give up...how many times did I hear that?...but I NEVER thought it would happen to me and it did. Just don't give up. I too NEVER thoought it would be this hard or that that I would have problems concieving. Your feelings are natural. The ONE thing that changed in that month I concieved was that I FINALLY relaxed about it all...finally after 2 years of hell...I was relaxing and it worked.



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