Has anybody had problems with the Answer OPK's?
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SashaP - February 3

I'm now cd 5 last night I look an answer opk and already got a positive. My dr wanted me to start testing on cd 4 since I'm on Femara and she wanted me to have a negative but it turned out to still be positive. She just wants to make sure the test are being accurate since last month I O'd on cd 6. Which is very very early for O. Has anybody else had this problem? Should I try another OPK brand?


jcr - February 3

I don't know if the femara has anything to do with it or my pcos. But this month I was getting +opks every othr day. I kept going in for ultrasound so they could tell me exactly when the big "o" was. The nurse blamed it on pcos. If you have ewcm or are concerned phone and go in for an ultrasound. Do you normally know exactly when you ovulate or were you opk'ing before femara? I went in on cd11,15 and 18. cd 18 they gave me hcg. Goodluck and hang in there. Bellyrubs


SashaP - February 3

I usually can tell by my cm but I was just getting done with AF last night when I had to test so I know I haven't O'd. But I had a hard time telling last month that I did O because it was @ cd 6. When I would use OPK before I always had to start early because I normally only have 2 day periods. But since I've been fertility drugs and had my HSG they have extended to 4 days. So now I can't tell whats going on with my body. I'm trying temping for the first time to see if I can tell that way. Do you think I should try another OPK brand? The dr wanted to give me a blood test 8 days after it says that I O'd to see how accurate my testing is and to make sure I am O'ing when it says I am. I'm going to bd every other day this month so I don't miss it. When will you test for pg this month?


eb - February 3

I use those opk's and had the same results last month and my af started on cd 21. I don't think a different brand would matter.


SashaP - February 4

I just tried the Clear Blue Easy OPK's and it was negative. The nurse suggested I changed brands to see if there was a difference. Clear blue easy package says Clomid won't affect the results of the test so I hope Femara dosen't either.


Chas - February 4

Hi Sasha, I too have some trouble reading those darn things !! I ovulate early so I usually start testing around cd8, but I have used those first response and I can't tell what is positive. Last month I used them and got two dark lines, but couldn't tell if the test line was actually darker. I got those for two days and then I said forget it and just bd'd anyway. I usually use the dollar tree brand and I acutally think they are better tests. You can acutally tell which is darker.


SashaP - February 4

Chas I don't usually have a hard time telling if they are + but I also no I shouldn't be getting a + on cd 4. The clear blue easy brand dosen't pick up clomid so it shouldn't pick up femara. Thats the problem with the Answer test they pick up any hormone. Does the dollar tree test say anything in the pack about fertility drugs? If it says it won't show up on the test then I will go buy some too.


Chas - February 4

I don't know about fertility drugs affecting it. I will look on one of the ones I have at home and let ya know.


SashaP - February 4

Thanks Chas I wouldn't mind saving some money. They aren't the cheapest things in the world.


NML - February 4

I have been using the "Answer" brand O tests as well. I got a positive LH surge at day 11 which I thought was early. Not as early as some of you though. However I haven't seen my CM yet. I just don't know if I can depend on those tests! I guess we will BD every other day and see what happens! Baby dust!



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