Has any one used Follistim?
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Anna - July 27

Yes I did and I have to stop follistim and get an Ovidrel tonight. I'm not doing iui, so we'll have to bd for the next 4 days. I sooo hope this time our month. I need to go for blood work in 2 weeks.


Mari - July 27

Hi Anna, What is Ovadrel? Is this to induce O? Tomorrow I will see my re so i'll let you know what he said.
Good Luck!


Mari - July 27

Ooops I meant Ovidrel


Anna - July 27

Yes Mari it is to induce o. So im just doing what I have to do and the waiting game begins. Good luck to u too.


Mari - July 29

Hi Anna, Hope everything is well. I went to my re yesterday, he says I have 4 follis on the right and 3 on the left. Tomorrow i go in for another ultarsound and blood test. Hopefully tomorrow I will get my HCG shot. All I know is that the next two weeks of waiting are terrible. Enjoy your weekend and plz keep in touch.


Anna - July 30

Hey U!!! Good job on those follicles. Im so happy for u, maybe u'll get prego with twins??? As for me.. I've done opk 4 days ago and it was very dark second line, so here iam bd non stop for 4 days and today i did opk again and it showed me same thing (if not stronger) SOOOO... What am i to do now?? Very confused. Left mess for dr, but he did't call me back. What u think??


Mari - July 30

Hey Anna, Twins would be awesome. My Dr. said there is a good chance of that. It looks like you have a good chance as well :-) Lets see what happens, hopefully everything will be ok. As for the opk I read that because the meds stay in your system for a while the opk is reading your O and the meds as well. Hope that makes sense I've been more tired than usual but not able to sleep well. I had another ultrasound today and the follies are maturing nicely I have to 18's and two 17's so he only wants me to take half the HCG dose today, tomorrow I won't go in for ICI, we will try naturally but Monday I go in for my IUI. Are you having any O pains? I'm already feeling it. Lots of baby dust!!!!


Anna - July 31

Not to scare u, but my pain for the last 2 days is unreal, and very gassy. I talked to Dr. and he said its fine (im such a sissy)`lol. U were right about opk, they said even if i'll do hpt it will be pos, because of the hormones in my body. Let me know if iui is painfull, im thinjing of doing that next month (if im not preg). Talk to u later.


Mari - August 1

Hi Anna,
I am also in a lot of pain, sitting down and getting up are the worst. Because my ovaries are over stimulated the IUI was a little painful and with some discomfort. My first IUI was not painful at all, but i only had two follies. So I guess IUI is not painful but because of the injectables the area is very sensitive. Hopefully this month you get preggo and won't have to do IUI. me too :-). Good Luck! Talk to you later.


Anna - August 1

Im sorry to hear that u in pain. It is all worth it at the end. I'll keep u updated on any changes with me. Lots of baby dust.


ii - August 2



Mari - August 8

Hey Anna, How are you doing? I wanted to write sooner but my PC was down. All i've been feeling lately is tired and bb's hurting a lot. Hope every thing is ok. Hope to hear from you soon. ;-)


Mari - August 8

My Re just called me with my progesteron level, it is 34. Is that any indication that i might be prego? What do you think? Do you know your prog. level?


Anna - August 9

Hey Mari, everything is fine with me I dont think Im preg, did HPT this morning and got BFN and no symptoms.. I have to go for blood check on friday, so I'll let u know then.
Do u think that HPT could be wrong if Im 12dpo and I did Early First Response? I hope that u r pregnant, unfortunatly I dont know what the prog level should be when u pregnant , but u have symptoms and thats a good sign!!! When r u going to test? Let me know.. one of us has to have a BFP.


Mari - August 10

Anna I'm so sorry you got a neg. but don't lose hope, my sister in law got a neg. hpt test the day her AF was due when she was actually preg. I am to scared to ake a hpt test b/c every time i do it is neg. i hate those things, lol. so i'm just gonna wait it out and see what happens. My bb's are not hurting as much as before, maybe the pain was due to the hcg shot. Please let me know what theytell you on friday and good luck!


Mari - August 10

Oh and I test on Monday



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