Has any one used Follistim?
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Lynn - October 11

Anna - I would love to begin a new site for all of us to go into. I will begin it adn name it "Follistim II" Now make sure you girls join me. Okay, I know we have an Anna, Helen, Mari, Okiejbp, Carrie and Beth (welcome). Did I miss anyone? Gosh, If I followed this correctly, Mari and Helen are completely together. Okiejbp - when is IUI again? So we can cheer you girls along, please post when you have your IUI so we can support that 2ww (since that seems to be the longest for us all).. Quick question, I took prometrium this cycle of follistim. My doctor (new one) said he would not give me this next time around. He claims my regular ob just told me that to calm my nerves about m/c. Helen and Okiejbp - why is your doctor prescribing this? Just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before Dec. hits. Okay come find us in Follistim II


helen - October 11

hi girls, i'm on the new forum!!!


Okiejpb - October 12

Mari-Thanks for the info. Anna-This is 7dpo for me. I've been getting some really sharp pains on my right side (close to ovary). Hope this isn't a cyst. I don't have a definitive answer as to why the dr. put me on prometrium, but he did say there's no harm in it. When I've tested my progesterone level 7 dpo in the past, it's always been fine. Maybe it's just a precautionary measure. I think I've read somewhere that sometimes when you test at 7 dpo and it's low, it's already too late. Obviously since I'm taking a supplement, there's no need to check my level. 7 more days to go. During the past Follistim cycles, AF showed up 12 dpo. Hope and pray that I make it to next Tuesday without starting AF. Helen-Welcome to the group. I may need to call you Helen2 since we already have a Helen on the board.


Mari - October 12

Hi Girls - remember there is a new forum called follistim II, this one was getting to long. see u there.


Lynn - October 12




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