Has any one used Follistim?
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Lynn - October 9

Anna - Chin up girl...waiting for AF just means better luck next month. I wish I could say I cannot wait until Dec. but I honestly think this is a break we need. Now hubby and I can enjoy our time together instead of worrying if we hit everything in just the right time. Mari and Helen keep us posted on progress this month. We can wait and pray for the best with you girls. Have a good weekend....


Carrie - October 9

This is my first cycle on Follistim. I go again tomorrow for another sono.. I only had 4 follices around15mm. I was on 75mg with Letrozole.. I am hoping to get my oviderl shot and hopefully things will work out. This process is so frustrating after 1 1/2 years.. I'm glad I found this board because it seems to be very supportive..I appreciate that


Lynn - October 10

Welcome Carrie - Keep us posted and good luck. I got preg on first cycle of follistim and was taking 125 with only 1 follicle at 18mm. Please be careful and advocate for yourself if you think something is wrong or want an answer. My unfortunately ended in a tubal pregnancy but I have not given up. This is a set back and honestly maybe a good time to take a break. Thise of us taking fertility drugs ar at risk for ectopic pregnanies but they forget to tell us that (or at least my did). Are you going to have an IUI?


Okiejpb - October 10

Welcome Carrie. Carrie-4 follies at 15mm is great. Helen-how was your u/s this morning? Lynn-I agree about taking a break sometimes being a good thing. I had a cyst in July, so we obviously took a break. It was nice not to have the pressure of missing work, timing, 2 ww and all the rest. Mari-4 follies is great. I only had one this cycle, so although I am not thoroughly optimistic this month, I do still have hope. Lynn-This is how my husband feels. He even contributed to the current library at the hospital. Although it's not easy for us (us being women), I do appreciate what they have to go through also. None of it's easy, but it can be very well worth it. Not sure if I mentioned it, but our DD just turned 2 a few weeks ago. We were fortunate to get pregnant on our first cycle of injectables with her. Prior to that I was able to get pregnant on my first cycle of Clomid, but them miscarried at around 7 weeks. After several months of trying Clomid, my RE did a laparoscopy and found endometriosis. Not sure what's going on this time. The good thing if we do IVF is that hopefully we'll have better insight as to why I haven't been able to get pregnant with meds. Hope so anyway. Everyone - have a great week.


Okiejpb - October 10

Oops, let me rephrase that....at least with IVF I'm hopeful that we'll gain better insight as to why we've had a difficult time conceiving.


Mari - October 10

Welcome Carrie - you are right about the support in here, all the girls here are great! I have my ultrasound tomorrow and if all goes well hcg shot shoud be tomorrow night. Helen- how was the u/s? are u still on for iui on wednesday? Anna- good to hear from u sweetie, take care. Lynn- did u begin your new meds? how are u holding up, any side effects? hope your doing well. Okiejbp- your right 4 foolies are great, i guess i was anxious because it is taking more time than expected, u know how stressfull all this stuff is lol. talk to u girls later.


Carrie - October 10

My husband is injecting the "trigger" shot tonight and IUI is scheduled for Wed. I'm nervous but praying everything will work out. 3 follicles..2 at 18mm 1 at 17mm I am hoping that is good. Dr. was happy said that I repsonded well..so we'll see


Lynn - October 10

Okiejbp - how many cycles of follistim have you done? That is after you had your first child. Did you say you also have an IUI? We are getting so long, I cannot remember everything by the time I scroll back to the top to type. UGH!!! Mari - if you get your hcg shot tomorrow, when will they do IUI?Helen - u/s today went well we all hope. let us know. When will you do your IUI? Carrie - good luck tonight and Wednesday, let us know how it goes so we can wait with you. Anna - It looks like you and I are cheerleaders this month for these girls. If I read correctly, you all should be within days of each other. Blessings your way and I really hope and pray we get some good news. Let us know girls.


Anna - October 10

It's so nice to see new people ... welcome....Helen- we all waiting for the update. Carry-what is Letrozole? Do u take it Follistim? Mary-im keeping my fingers cross for u girl. I sure hope to see some BFP's... Okiejbp -I had to scroll down twice to write u name correctly. What does it mean (hope u dont mind me asking). Sooo..where is everybody from? I know Mary-NJ and Lynn-NC what about everybody esle.Oh and do u girls want to start a new forum since this one is getting tooo long? Lynn - I see you enjoying urself. Good for u. U deserved it. Later....


Beth - October 11

Hi Everyone! Anna-Letrozole is the brand name for Femara, which is a med. that has been given to breast cancer pts., but has been shown to induce ovulation. (not FDA approved, of course) I used it with Foll. and IUI last cycle. I got a few large foll, but no preg. This is my 3rd IUI and I'm just doing injectibles this time. I'm day 9 of cycle and have a few follicles on each side at about 10mm. We'll see. Good Luck to everyone!! Oh, I'm from Baltimore.


helen - October 11

hi girls!! welcome carrie and beth... glad you can join us. well, i went for my u/s this morning and things are looking good. i have 2 18mm and 2 16mm and a couple of smaller follies. one more night of 25iu follistim tonight, then ovidrel tuesday evening and iui on thurs. morning. my lining was 11. after iui, i will start progesterone suppositories 2x a day. anna, did you say that you were on the progesterone? lynn, i'm glad you finally know the cause for your infertility. now they can finally do something about it. mari, when are you scheduled for your iui? hope your follies grew big!! carrie, good luck on wednesday, i'm right behind you. okiejbp, how's your 2ww coming along? how long before you know? i'm from los angeles. if i'm leaving anyone out, sorry. anna, lynn, thanks for all your support and for being great cheerleaders!!! you'll both be joining the rest of us soon. hoping for some BFP's this month from any or all of us :-)


Okiejpb - October 11

Lynn-this is my 5th cycle of Follistim since February, but only my 3rd IUI. Quite honestly I felt that the dr I was going to before this one was too conservative with my treatment as I told him that I was not willing to do selective reduction if needed. I feel more optimistic with this one although he doesn't seem much more aggressive and also knows how I feel about SR. I went to this new dr. because I was ready to do IVF, but he suggested another cycle of Follistim, so here we are. My biggest obsession is that I had a 16mm follicle on a Saturday and he told me to trigger on Sunday, for an IUI on Tuesday. I've been obsessing as to whether or not it grew, and how much.

Anna-I'm from Oklahoma, so that's where the OKIE comes from. J is for Jutta (my name). The J is silent....as it's a German name. My husband actually made up this acronym for me.

Helen-thanks for asking about my 2ww. It's tough. Telling myself not to get my hopes up and stop obsessing by looking up everything on the internet. Today is 6dpo. I even created a spreadsheet detailing the past several months as to when I took Follistim, how much, which days, trigger, iui, symptoms, and when I started AF. Not sure how this month will be only because the dr. has me on prometrium once a day. Kind of glad about that only because I took that when I was pregnant with my DD.

Mari-I know what you mean. The good thing is that you can express yourself to many of us how can totally relate to how and what you're feeling.

Carrie-good luck with the trigger and IUI. Is this your first cycle?

Beth - wishing you good follies this cycle.

Lots of baby dust to everyone:)


Mari - October 11

Welcome Beth, Hi girls - Helen- we are on the same schedule, tonight hcg shot, tomorrow ici and thursday iui. my lining is 10.5 (re said that the lining looked very good), one 18mm follie, two 16mm follies and two smaller ones. My nurse said they grow about 2mm a day (its quicker due to the meds.) It looks good for u Helen good luck. Okiejpb - this is my third cycle with follistim but fifth iui (first two were with repronex) have u responded well all five times to follistim? Beth and Carrie good luck this cycle, we really need some good news. Anna - Lynn thank u guys so much for your support (everyone's support).


Okiejpb - October 11

Hi Mari - good job on the follies and good luck with the IUI tomorrow. I've been a pretty good responder to the Follistim. With the conservative RE, he started me out at 50 iui because I responded to well previously, but 50 was way too low, so I didn't do as well. This most recent cycle only produced on really good one a 2 or 3 a few mm behind it. The RE we had in CA when we got pg with DD, triggered me between 18-20mm. Here they seem to like to do it at 17mm, which I think is a bit early. Do you know if the follies still grow after hcg up until they are released?


Mari - October 11

Hi Okiejpb - yes your follies still grow after you have your hcg shot, in other words it helps it mature even faster. That's what one of the nurses told me. But i'll ask again tomorrow to make sure.


Lynn - October 11

Anna - I would love to begin a new site for all of us to go into. I will begin it adn name it "Follistim II" Now make sure you girls join me. Okay, I know we have an Anna, Helen, Mari, Okiejbp, Carrie and Beth (welcome). Did I miss anyone? Gosh, If I followed this correctly, Mari and Helen are completely together. Okiejbp - when is IUI again? So we can cheer you girls along, please post when you have your IUI so we can support that 2ww (since that seems to be the longest for us all).. Quick question, I took prometrium this cycle of follistim. My doctor (new one) said he would not give me this next time around. He claims my regular ob just told me that to calm my nerves about m/c. Helen and Okiejbp - why is your doctor prescribing this? Just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before Dec. hits. Okay come find us in Follistim II



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