Has any one used Follistim?
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Mari - June 24

Has any one used Follistim? Does it work? I have had 2 unsuccesful IUI's on repronex and the dr. wants to put me on follistim.


Jenny - July 15

Hi Mari! I just used Follistim for the first time this past cycle. I had tried chlomid and Femara previously - to no avail (chlomid was a DISASTER!) I just took a pregnancy test yesterday ... IT WAS POSITIVE!!! The protocol is easy, but it is VERY EXPENSIVE!!! But, if all goes well with the blood draw tomorrow, I'd say it was worth every penny!! Good luck to you!!


Anna - July 21

Im on Follistim and this is my 4th day, are there any side effects??


Amanda - July 21

is follistim just like clomid??? and how much does it cost??? and what days are you suppose to take it... the reason that i am asking is that i am going to my doctor tomorrow and she is putting me on something .. i do not know yet... sooo im so excited.. thanks for the info ... and baby dust to all... oh yeah and does it cause multiable births??


Anna - July 21

Hi Amanda, I was on Clomid for 3 months and i've had horrible side effects and it didn't work for me. So I went to RE and he put me on Follistim. U take it on 2nd day of cycle and it's a self injection. I think u take it for 8-12days ( no side effect so far..lol) Oh and most important IT IS EXPENSIVE about $3,000.00! But my insurance paid for it. So i guess i was lucky. LOL Anyway I hope this helps . Good luck.


Anna - July 21

... and it does cause multiple births 20%.


bump - July 22



Mari - July 22

Jenny, First of all congratulations and thank you for your response. I thought no one had seen my question. sorry i am answering so late but I have been away on business. I probably begin folistim tomorrow I hope it works for me as well. How are you doing?


Mari - July 22

Anna, You began follistim on day 2? My RE is going to start me on day 3. I wonder if that will be a problem? Baby dust to all!!


Anna - July 23

no cause he said that i could take it on 2nd or 3rd day of my cycle, so dont worry. And welcome...


Mari - July 23

Thank you Anna, I saw my re today (day3) and he said everything looks good and to begin follistim today my dose will be150. Hopefully it will work this time. How are you feeling? any side effects yet? Hope everything is ok.


Anna - July 25

Im feeling great, almost no side effects ( a little bloating, headaches and mood swings) not like clomid. And also my dosage is only 100. Im going for sonogram and blood check every other day. So far he didnt up the dosage and he said that my body is responding well, so we'll see. Im going tom 8:00am for follow up. Let u know then. Let me know if u have any side effects. Good luck and baby dust to u.


Mari - July 25

Hi Anna, what day of your cycle are you? Today is day 5 for me. I go in for bloodwork tomorrow and so far the only side effect I have had is being tired, I could barely get up this morning. Good luck to you as well...


trying at 40 - July 25

I used Follistim for one IUI cycle. The doctor said I responded well with two nice follicles, but we were not successful.


Anna - July 25

Hi Mari, today would be my 9th day. went to doctor this morning and she said that i have 3 on one side and 3 on the other. hey are still growing and i have to go everyday now, cause i'm close to O. I was also tired but didnt think it was the side effects. ... Oh and today my breasts are sore... Please let me know tomorrow how was ur app.


Mari - July 26

Hi Anna, My blood test looks good. My Re told me to continue with the same dose (150iu) and to come in for an ultrasound and blood test on thursday. Usually after that if everything is ok I get an hcg shot on day 10 and ici on day 11 and iui on day 12. It looks like you are doing well hopefully this will be our time. Did you go to the dr today?


Anna - July 27

Yes I did and I have to stop follistim and get an Ovidrel tonight. I'm not doing iui, so we'll have to bd for the next 4 days. I sooo hope this time our month. I need to go for blood work in 2 weeks.



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