Has any1 heard of the book"Taking charge of your fertility"?
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KayteeLeanne - March 20

Ive been reading all over the net about this book.. and how much help it is when trying to concieve.. i'm just wondering if any of u ladys have read it.. or heard of it.. because i just founf it online for a screaming price of $9.46 including shipping... and want to know if its worth it???.. thanx in advance!!!


Tracy88 - March 20

I never read the book myself, but everyone I know who did LOVED it and found it extremely helpful. I don't think you can go wrong if you buy that book. People swear by the knowledge you get about your body from this book.


Tink - March 20

i didn't read it either, but it does come with a cd i think to help you chart your temps. i was already well past tracking temps and into IUIs, so I felt like the book wouldn't help me a ton. i have read many others though. lots of folks love the book, so i say go for it- it can't hurt.


newmommy - March 20

I LOVED it! I was surprised how much I learned---I thought I already knew a lot before I read it, but it was SO helpful! It has a lot about charting, but also a lot of great things to know. It's easy to read and understand. I'd say definitely go for it! Mine was about 20.00 I think. Does the one you found come with the free trial of the charting software? Definitely check it out---I liked it WAY better than Fertility Friend. Good luck!


ginger6363 - March 20

I bought and read it and it is totally worth the money--esp. at a steal of $10! It is really informative!


KayteeLeanne - March 20

thanx ladies.. i just ordered it!!! i hope it helps out as much as you all say!! good luck everyone!


Meighen N. - March 21

I read it too....and continue to read it! I love it -read the whole thing in one night ha ha! There is so much information in there that I wasnt even sure of. I recommend this to anyone TTC.


Megs - March 21

I too LOVE the book!! I have not read all the way through but pick and read what sections interest me at the moment... :-) Very useful. Mine did not come with the CD-rom though but I love Fertility Friend so not really interested in changing anyways... :-) You did find a STEAL. I paid about $5 more then you and still say it's worth it! :-)


kelley32 - March 23

GREAT book, really empowering. I got pg the month after reading it ... good luck!!


Tenk - March 23

Totally worth it, mine was $25.


Chi-Girl - March 23

I downloaded the TCOYF program to chart temps. and other information and got pregnant the first month using it. I am now 5 months and I may have gotten prg without it... but it was a VERY HELP TOOL! More organized than all of the others in my opinion. Good luck!



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