has antone experenced this
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sona - January 31

I took a hpt and had a faint + I dont know what to think.PLEASE HELP THIS MONTH WAS MY FIRST ROUND OF CLOMID!!!!!!!! has anyone had this and ended up in a etopic pregnancy.


E - January 31

y r u worried ab an ectopic pg?


hopeful06 - February 1

If the HPT was positive--even if it was faint--you should be happy!! Make an appointment to see a doctor right away--especially if you are concerned that something is wrong. My best friend had a faint positive (no meds though) and her baby is almost four weeks old now and healthy!! I wish the same for you!! Keep us updated!!


sona - February 1

hopeful thanh you for your input. how far along was your friend when she got the faint line? I went to the doc that day my hgc levels were 13 I go back tomorrow to see if they are rising correctly I will keep you updated thanks again.


Cendy - February 1

Sona, I got a faint positive very early on. I was not even late. Here are my dates. I Oed on Dec 31 and had a positive on January 11. That is just 11 days after Ovulation. I have no idea how long after implantation. That same day they took Hcg test and it was at 30.3. Two days later it was at 66.2. I see your level was at 13 and that is pregnant. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant. How late are you? Faint positives are positive no matter how faint they are. I am happy for you. You are lucky to have only had to be on Clomid for 1 cycle. I was on it for 6 and off for 3 when I got pregnant. How long have you been TTC? BABY DUST!!


sona - February 2

Thanks Cendy! Iwas only 1 or 2 days late when I got the faint line.I have been tring for 8 mons but I just had a tubal reversal in April of last year,and in August I got pregnant and m/c at 5 weeks ,but I didnt even know I was pregnant because I never missed my period and this time I have missed it >


hopeful06 - February 2

sona.... I'm very happy for you that you are pregnant!! I really wish you the best tomorrow!! In response to your question, I believe my friend was 4 days late when she had the faint positive. I hope to see one soon myself!! Again, best of luck....


mrose - February 2

Sona, just wanted to say congratulations! My friend started taking clomid on Jan. 5th, she ovulated on jan 10th and had a very faint postive 3 days before she was even due for her period. Everything seems fine with her so far. Good luck :-)


sona - February 3

Marose thanks alot for the encourgement I was just dropping in to give a update.Well I went back to the doctor today and my hgc levels went from 13 to 19 it went up a little but didnt double.I go back monday to check again .If you dont mind me asking Mrose whats your friends hgc levels?BABY DUSTM TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sona - February 3

Well can anyone help me with the low hcg numbers has anyone had a healthy pregnancy with low numbers? Has anyony started out low and the numbers started rising quickly? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!



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