hard times
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meg - November 14

ive just said goodbye to ugly cow AF for this month. have been ttc for 2+ years and this time we are going to go for tests. feel for the first time in my life that i cant make something happen, feel as though I am facing the biggest and most important thing in my life and I cant do much about it.DH is so worried about tests, and is saying stupid things like hes worried i will leave him if he is infertle etc. I wont I love him, feel bad for making him and me go for tests, but I do think there is a problem or we should have concieved b now. O well, here we go again, good luck all XX


K - November 14

You are doing the right thing by testing. He will get over his ONE test. For you , there is a lot more. But you may have something easy to fix.
Good luck


to meg - November 14

DH had the same issues when we tested... it was HIM. Spermies were not the count they need to be and had bad morphology. It was so hard for me to tell him. (I got the news first). However- when we finally knew what was going on...we were relieved!! We had something to work with. We understood that it wasn't because our timing was off. So- we are now working on getting the sperm where they need to be. In the end it was so much less pressure to know what to do instead of crossing fingers every month and then there be no change. Information is power. We know have the information to move forward. All the best to you and you DH.


Beth - November 14

I agree with "to meg." I think it would relieve you to know what the problem is. There are many things out there to help with infertility, and hopefully speed up the conceiving process. I myself just said goodbye to AF, and am on for waiting another month. It's very frustrating! I"m finally to the point of starting to feel jealous of other women being pregnant. I haven't gotten to that step yet, and I don't like it. It's very depressing. Hopefully the dr's will find out what is wrong and get the show on the road!


meg - November 15

thanks for your replyies. Im gona go for tests on the 6th dec when im on 28th day of 38 day cycle! I feel quite positive about it now, would rather know. DH is very woried at the moment and dreading his sperm test. Im a bit scared that doc will say that he or me is completley infertile and there is no chance, but from what I gather this is very rare so trying not to think about it or let DH know im obssessing either otherwise he will feel under pressure even more. I never thought TTC would be this hard, good luck all



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