Hard time getting husband to have sex enough!!
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poor me - September 24

john ; tanks for story so you did finally cum by using viagra ? true? viagra cost toooo much i dont think i can pay for that !


to poor me - September 25

I used Viagra on Fri nite..but I came on Sat afternoon..I think I benefit from it..Just be prepare for some dizzyness as side-effect..I know it cost a lot..I bought 4 pills (in a pack) but only use 1 pill so far (first time)..I came because it feel pleasure while TTC..If no pleasure won't cum..You should look into herb pill that help increase sex drive first..There suppose to be something like Viagra but natural..u take it 3 times a day but for 5 days for full effect..I suggest u go that route first.


butter - September 26

i to am in the same situation. My husband and i have been married almost a year and i had a miscarriage when i was four mouths pregnent. After that happened things changed, our sex life was horrible but now things are getting a little better but not great. i to am trying to get pregnent again and i find my husband not as interested in sex as i am but what i did find out that does work is the suspence of a surprise. I just get all ready any call him and let him think that you want one thing but you actually get him just were you want him. explain to him that sex is fun but sometimes its like a job and once the job is completed you will both at the end have the gift of life.


poor me - September 26

wher can i get herb pill ? have to seea doctor for it ?


M'Rita - September 26

Hello all!

What I find quite good is not to let your DH know anything about what is going on with your body, like when u are ovulating, etc. My DH wants a baby very much, but I just don’t tell him any of the details of changes throughout my cycle. I told him that I don’t want to stress myself over ttc and just take it day by day...so he thinks that we are just having fun. Meanwhile I’m crazy about charting and staff. I just think that when men put on a strict BDing timetable, they feel like we don’t really love & want them, but only need some sperm. I think maybe this could be a solution to some of the problems.
Hope this help a little! Love xxx Rita



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