Hard time getting husband to have sex enough!!
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Jeanie - September 5

OK, I'm sure I may be the only woman with this problem, but here goes.... My husband and I have been married for about 1 year. We are ready to start a family, and have been trying to get pregnant now for 2 months. We are both very healthy individuals, but my husband REALLY does not have much of a sex drive. Its all I can do to get him to have sex once a week....which I normally would not mind, but it makes it hard when you are trying to get pregnant. I dont know my exact ovulation day b/c my cycles vary between 26 and 30 day cycles. There is about a 8 to 10 day period when we need to have sex at least every other day for better chances to concieve. Does anyone else have this problem? any advice?


RR - September 5

I don't have this problem with mine because last month I had a missed pregnancy and I think my husband got so excited about the idea of being a Dad for about 4 days that it really hit home with him. This month he ekpt asking when we can start. SO maybe get your husband excited about the idea of being a Dad, talk to him about your concerns. Our main problem is my job, at certain times of the year I have to travel a lot and at peak ovulation times and I really wish I could get a different position within the company that requires less travel but how does one explain that to the selfish boss....
I wish you the best with your husband and lots of baby dust


TC - September 5

Get an ovulation predictor kit so you know when to have your weekly sex. Good luck, I know this must be difficult for you. When a couple decides to have a baby, it seems like the woman is in charge of all the planning to make it happen!


Anna - September 6

I have the same problem, if not worst. My dh is soooo supportive the begining of my cycle and once the day come (and Im on clomid) he startes to complain and whine and on, and on.... So at the end we have fight instead of sex. What are they solutions to this. I tried to talk to him and see maybe he is not ready, but he wants to be a dad and have a baby, but gets a lot of anxiety when it comes the most important...


Renee - September 14

My husband is just so lazy and tired all the time that it's like I have to constantly bribe him. What up with that? I was worried, because although we have sex most times during O -- that's the only time we do --- so - does his sperm get old and bad just sitting in there waiting those 3 weeks before O?????


miranda - September 14

Yes. My dr told me that if you dont have sex at least every other day ( or he has to ejaculate somehow every other day) then the sperm are old. most die and the rest are probably weak....


Mindi - September 14

Jeanie- I can relate to you. My dh has a low sex drive as well. Does he ever get performance anxiety and nothing happens? Well, I think I stressed him out about having to keep with a schedule during ovulation, because we weren't able to do it every other night. I know he feels really bad about this. I ordered the clearblue easy fertility monitor and will be using it with this cycle. That should pinpoint the exact days that me and dh should have sex, so we don't have to try and have sex for a consecutive week. Good luck.


Samantha - September 17

my husband is the same way no sex drive it sucks for trying to make a baby and other things i get so frustrated with him i though i was the only woman in the world with this problem


Hi - September 17

I don't exactly have the same problem but my husband gets really tense if I tell him the date we need to start trying. Now I decided not to tell him and he never act that way anymore.


poor me - September 17

jeanie ; you are not only one we also try only around the time i Ovulate and problem is he never come so i dont think if i ever gone have baby ! and sad things is i heard that you should have sex beside this 5 days ! well i can dream about that !


MM - September 18

Have him tested for low testosterone. If it is the problem it is an easy fix.


poor me - September 23

ok i heard over and over we cant pregnant and im sick of it what can we do about it did any of you seen doctor ? we had sex few days arounf my O but was bad he even didnt cum i feel really stupid and very down. ps;his testosterone is perfect !


john - September 23

I can understand your problem..My wife is O this weekend and the last time we TTC was Monday..Try again Wed but suddendly my ===> fizzle..Next time I have zero sex drive...This is a disaster!! I went to doctor to get some Viarga...I hope it help and no effect on the embroyn..I wonder if 1 week will make the sperm old/die?


anon - September 24

We need a device that can milk his cum..then enject into your virgina..


Mindi - September 24

Lol at the last two comments....I think I have wished that I had a button on my dh, so when it was time, all I would have to do is push it and game on! Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. And, further more, he is too embarrassed to go to the doctor. He is only 25, so I just don't know what the deal is. Plus, I was wondering if viagra would hurt the sperm or have any bad side effects too. Good luck!


john - September 24

I took Viagra 50mg around 10PM (wait 2hr after meal) Friday night..10mins in I start to feel my ===> become =>..like less than 1 inch!. Yike..zero feeling in 1 hr later..at 1hr 1/2 we start to try..it did get kinda 80% hard..Do the missionary for many minutes but no ejaculation..I finally understand what the pill do and don't..Anyway went to sleep around 1AM or so..Wake around 2AM and found my => become ===> ..I said 80% hard..have to stand up to let it back to =>..then around 3AM samething happen..I also feel very dizzy and no strength..like having a major fever..lots of dreams..I have hard time sleep..This morning wake up feeling better (Sat)..no more fever and feel OK after breakfast..Anyway was comforting my wife when feel => become ===> again..Try missionary but too soft..If I sit on chair and get BJ..it did get hard but try from behind..Nothing..nada come out..was exhausted..Wife start giving BJ again when I am lying down..it become very hard and she start sat on it..Yes sir..this time I came so much it's amazing..I think Viagra did something to keep the blood flowing cuz I have zero horny..Anyway hope to conceive this time cuz her mucus is most fertile today..Lots of eggwhite and stretchy transparent discharge..I hope she ovulate today..and hope to conceive since last TTC was Monday..making sperm like 5 days old. Sorry for the long graphic details but hope it give some couple info..


poor me - September 24

john ; tanks for story so you did finally cum by using viagra ? true? viagra cost toooo much i dont think i can pay for that !



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