Hard 2 get pregnant again
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Kristina - May 21

I am almost 23 years old. I have a son who will be 4 in Oct. Prior to getting pg with him, I had a miscarriage 5 months before. After I had him I was diagnosed with pcos and was told I could not have anymore children. In November 2004, I had another miscarriage. I now have been trying to get pg again...no luck. I will start Clomid, 50mg on days 5-10. Has anyone else gone through this? I am nervous about Clomid but am so desperate to have another child...or 2 or 3. :)


Melissa - May 22

Hi Kristina you are welcome to join our forum (Alright Girlys New Cycle New Forum). Most of us are trying for #2 and have been trying for a while. I just got started on my first round of clomid (there are 2 others with us on clomid) and am on day 13 waiting for O. Keep the faith. PCOS is difficult to conceive with (Crystal also has been diagnosed with it). Feel free to join us. It's a VERY supportive group.


chrissy - May 24

i'v had 3 kids i,m 39 years old i would love to have another child but for the last 5 years had no protection but still not pregnant sex drive is good i'm healthy, i eat well so why im i not pregnant


kathy - May 25

would like to know what days are best for me to get pregnant again


Melissa - May 25

Hi Kathy, when was the first day of your last period, and how long does af last?


Melissa - May 25

Well, I'm in the 2ww. Baby dust to all. :-)



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