Happy New Year
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JENZEY - January 2

I just wanted to wish everyone trying to conceive good luck in 2007. I'm sending you tons of baby dust and hope you get your bfp really soon. (i know i'm hoping this year with be my year. I've been ttc for over 3 yrs. I'm trying to stay positive and I have a good feeling that this year I will finally get my long awaited bfp!) and to everyone that is already pregnant I wish you healthy pregnancies and happy, healthy babies! I hope this year brings everyone good health and lots of happiness! ~*jen~*


slowpoke01 - January 2

good luck to you as well and i hope this new year gives you tons of happiness and a bfp. take care and good luck


cspears99 - January 2

Hi Jenzey good luck to you too, we have ttc for over 2 1/2yrs now as well, I feel it this year, and if not I am done!! we are hopefully started our injectibles next month as long as my a/f cooperates and financially that is it for us!! so hopefully this year will be our BFP!!! best wishes!!



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