had problems since forever
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UnLuckyLady1903 - February 23

ever since i was 16 i always knew there was something wrong with my reproductive system. at 1st i thought it was going off the pill but then i met my 2nd partner and i started to worry. we have been together for over 2 years and we had been trying since i came off depo provera from my past relationship.in my past relationship my partner also wanted children but it was too hard and we gave up after 1 year of trying, it caused all sorts of arguments and we eventually split. i then found my new partner and we started trying right away well 6 months of knowing each other we were very settled.
after trying for 1 year i went to the doctors and just figured it was depo provera getting out my system and so i keot using fertility methods,using bbt and even knowing when i was oing didnt help at all i have had 1 positive opk in 1 year and that means nothing to me.every 3 months my cycles like to adjust for some strange reason i still dont know why,i dont know if i am ovulating i seem to have a dip in my chart around cycle day 21 this is for the past 2 cycles by the way all the others had varied and i dont know why.i could ovulate from cd 9 until cd 30 and i have a regular cycle for 3 months then it goes back and does what it wants. what i am trying to say is i have given up i have very little hope and i have been to my doctor on numerous occasions and i am getting nowhere.i gave up ttc last month coz it was breaking my heart.now me and my partner dont use any type of contraception because maybe 1 day there is a glimmer of hope but i still see no light at the end of the tunnel. thanks for listening


CR - February 23

Here's an idea...Try to get married first before conceiving with every "partner" you have. You seem to be doing this all backward.


Ann - February 23

UnLuckyLady, I know exactly what you mean. I have always thought that, when I started trying, I would have trouble conceiving. I don't know if I was just being pessimistic or if it really was a premonition, but it came true for me as well. I am not quite clear on one part of what you said. Are you saying that you used opks every cycle for a year and only got one positive? If so, you should definitely see a dr to find out if you are Oing. As far as CR's comment goes, try to ignore those judgmental statements. Some people just don't seem to understand that the purpose of this board is to support one another. You said you and your partner have been together for 2 years. What matters is that you are both committed to each other and to having and raising a child. Good luck to you on ttc!


lee - February 24

I know it's hard me and my partner have to been trying, for 3 yrs, i have been to the drs many times and they never know what's wrong with me, but I try to stay positive , because strees doesn't help and you and your partner need to stick together.I know and feel every little bit of your heartache of waiting every month for a missed period, or just a little glimmer of hope. Hold your head up and continue trying, it will happen for you one day, good luck. Lee


Sure - February 24

go ahead and have a child out of wedlock! Great Idea Ann!


AC - February 24

I know how you feel my partner and i started ttc before we wed and we have been married for 1 year and i am 9weeks pregnant finally good luck and to CR just like ann said the purpose of this board is for support and well with thoughts like that she isnt going to get anywhere!!!


BW - February 24

CR- I just have to say that your comment was very rude and offended even me,uch less if I was someone who was putting my heart and sorrow out here for other people to see to get a response like that. Very unneccesary and uncalled for. You are noone to judge other peoples decisions in there life, even god would agree with that. What does it say, "Do not judge lest ye be judged too." Unluckylady- I really feel for you and it sounds like if you aren't getting help from this doctor you need to go to a different one, there are so many things out there that they can try and test for. You may just not be Oing properly and there is simple medicine to help that. Me and my ex were trying for a very long time and i could get pregnant but my body couldnt keep it, this happened quite a few times. I was really in love with him and wanted to have his baby and he wanted one so bad. This caused problems in our relationship. We are no longer together and he has since went on and had a baby with someone else. That was really hard to swallow. But life goes on and i went and did a lot of testing because i knew there was something wrong with me too. Even though my doc was an ass and i almost didnt keep going but changed docs. Still going to try.


to Sure (from Ann) - February 24

Personally, I am married, but I don't try not to be judgmental about decisions other people make in life. You are deluded if you think a marriage license is a guarantee of having a good situation for a child to be brought up or the lack of a marriage license is a guarantee that the situation is bad. Get off your high horse, go back into your glass house, and strap yourself up with your likely hypocritical bible belt!! The purpose of this board is certainly not to make people feel bad about themselves. Most of us feel bad enough while ttc. You comments were nothing but unproductive and hurtful.


Ann - February 24

I just proofread my last post: remove "don't" from my first sentence!


Elyse - February 25

Unlucky - never give up hope. Find a RE that will listen and address all of your concerns for you. Ann - you go girl! And ditto what you said.



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