Had my tubes untied.
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amazinglittlething - September 17

Has any one here had reversal surgery done? My lovely x-husband forced me to have mine tied many years ago. Now me and my boyfriends want to have a baby


slowpoke01 - September 18

i havent had it done but i do know that the doctor told my sister that there was an increased chance of tubal pregnancy and that the chances of getting pregnant after a tubal reversal were not that great. he told her that if she decided to have more kids her best option would be to do ivf. because you would spend about the same amount of money on ivf that you would spend on a reversal with higher chance of pregnancy with ivf. dont know if that helped you or not. wasnt sure what you were looking for. were you wanting to know if anyone has gotten pregnant after a reversal or what the chances were or how long it would take to get pregnant im not sure about that. maybe there are some girls out there who have went through this or know someone who has went through this. good luck to you though. take care



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