had my HSG
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ROBYN - February 21

I just had my HSG a few hours ago by my RE all the anticipation and fear I thought I was going to have with this procedure was really for nothing. I even took some painkillers because I was so afraid of what the pain would be. It was barely anything. My RE had me reschedule with him because he said that most radiologists dont know what the RE is really looking for and he would be much more gentle. My tubes were not blocked but there was no narrowing of my left tube and my right was fine. So his onjly main concern was when we did get pregnant that the egg might attach itself to the left tube. So it wasnt completely bad news at all. So I'm glad its over just another test to put behind me.


Mega - February 21

Good, I'm glad your HSG went smoothly. I'm glad the results were pretty good for you. I'm sure taking the painkillers before hand helped quite a bit with the pain. A lot of evidence points to increased PG rates after the HSG, the window seems to be 3 to 6 mos. Here's hoping! My 1st HSG was in July & I didn't get a BFP after that one, but my dr just did another HSG on Friday at the same time as my lap so hopefully we'll both have good luck from the HSG in the next couple cycles. Good luck. Keep us posted.


robyn - February 22

Mega, thanks for responding its nice to find people that are going thru all the same things. Sometimes you think youre the only one. I am sure you will get you BFP soon.


patty - February 22

hi robyn---i am gals to hear the HSG isnt so bad----i was scheduled for one---but the dr. is putting it off for a while because i have bad PCOS-possible endo. but evenutally if i ever get it done i am relieved to hear it is not so bad---good luck ! and thanks for letting us knew !


robyn - February 22

Patty, honestly I thought I was going to jump off the table from fear. But absolutely no pain. Today I have some cramping and did bleed a little yesterday but thats the most discomfort. Plus its cool to see your insides. My future dh was pretty impressed and was able to be their the whole time to hold my hand. keep posting to update us


Mega - February 22

Hi Robyn. Thanks! I hope you get your BFP soon too. I like that aspect too, seeing my insides. I got pics from my recent lap, it's pretty cool to see what's inside. Though it's kinda gross at the same time! It's nice that your partner was in with you at the HSG too. Bet that helped allay some of your fear. What's the next step for you? Patty--if the dr suspects endo, did he suggest you get a lap. then?


patty - February 22

hi mega.---no they have not suggested anyting yet. i went 3 times in the past 10 days to get blood hormone tests done-transvaginal-and a x-ray of my ovaries-uterus area. they have not told me anything yet---but i did the the gyno write endo on some papers...she said i need more hormone testing and stuff because my cycles are so irregular....i go in on march 2nd next time for more blood work--and a transvaginalbut this time with a full bladder.


Mega - February 22

Well good luck Patty. Keep us posted when you get the labs back. I'm guessing then that the labs are more for dx/confirming PCOS more than the endo.


Gee Gee - February 24

Thanks Mega for answering my question on my ovarian cyst removal. I am having my HSG done next month since i think I ovulate every other month because they removed my ovary. I just want to have a child. I am kind of scared because I never had been pregant before. I know that I ovulate because i tested my self last month and my LH surge level were pretty high. It's so frustering but i have faith. We all have to.


robyn - February 24

Gee Gee keep us posted on your HSG everything will be fine.


nila - February 28

Mega, Why did you have the HSG and the Lap, were your tubes blocked or open



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