Had IUI on Nov. 1st and 2nd....need a waiting partner....
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Rene' - November 3

Anyone else have IUI and is now waiting the LOOOOOOOG 2 weeks for the results? I need a waiting parnter.........


cheri - November 3

Hello Rene! I just had my first iui on Nov. 1st. I could really use someone to go through the 2ww with. i feel so emotional now. not sure if the meds i was on are still effecting me or not. maybe it is just nerves. Was this your 1st iui? and how long have you been trying to conceive?


Rene' - November 4

Hi Cheri. Yes this is my first IUI. My partner and I have been talking about this for a long time. My Dr. did a bunch of tests on me. Ultrasounds, radiology tests, blood work, etc. to make sure all my "parts" were ok. Everything turned out great. I am 35, and he said I am very healthy with no cysts, no ovulation problems, etc.
Since my partner is another woman, we used a sperm bank for a donor. That was so hard. I used clomed, the hg shot and another med to help me ovulate. I had a ultrasound yesterdy and my "pocket" shows I did ovulate. So now all I can do is wait.

How long have you been trying to concieve?



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