Had Chlamidya at 22 for eight months-Did I develop PID
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apple - June 29

Need someone that could help me and that would know about the subject. I'm 28 and me and my husband would like to conceive. I've been trying for the last two months with no suceed. I had Chlamydia when I was 22 and I'm worry that it might cause PID or develop scars or blocked my tubes. So far I've gone to see 3 doctors. One is a OB and told did a "Exploration exam" you know where they stick the fingers into your cervix to find if you have pain in your uterus and in the fallopian tubes. I didn't feel any pain. My doctor suggested me that I should try for at least a year to find out what happens. She believes I did not develop PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), but how can I be sure if some of the symptoms are not felt by some women.
2nd Doctor specialized in infertility suggested me that if I wanted to get pregnant right away he suggested me to do a laparoscopy (when they can see my reproductive system through a camera), but I feel that it is an invasive operation and I feel scare to perform especially if I just recentry started planning to have a family. 3rd Doctor also suggested me to wait a year, he also did an exploration and he found no signs of PID. He perform an ultrasound right in his office and eventhought thats not the best way to diagnosed, but he said that sometimes when PID has not been treated you can see dark and long spots in the fallopian tubes, in this case he didn't see it.
He also suggested emt o be calm and wait for a year.
I went back to my record at the university where I was diagnosed with chlamydia at age 22 and the doctor who diagnosed it told me he would find a sign of PID by the time he checked, and that he is very good to recognized that disease.
Does anybody knows a person in the same situation and never had done laparoscopy and become pregnant? Please any advice would greatly appreciate it.
What would you do


Melissa - June 29

Hey Apple, how are you?? Well, I am basically in the same situation..I got chlymadia last yr. I do not know how long I had it, but, never had really any signs, no pain or anything like that BUT I hear sometimes it can be silent like the STD. When I realized that I had it I was trying to conceive, we were treated for the STD and are still trying 6 months later. As far as the Dr. goes I lied about how long I have been trying to conceive so that I could get the tests I needed earlirer than waiting for one yr. I told her I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 months when I found out I had it cause Dr's usally wont do anything until it has been a yr. So this far I have been checked for a thyroid problem, unbalanced prolactin, I am rh - so they checked my blood for antibodies fighting, and I just had a vaginal ultrasound done so see what is going on in there, my next step is a HSG...I don't have any ins. so this has been a expensive route. It seems your only options would be to get a larp surgery or wait. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, don't get down it does take a bit to get pregnant for 60% of women I think. Have you had a semen anaylis done on your partner?? How old are you now? It is the beginning of my 2 weeks to wait I just ovulated...we will see. Do you have egg white cm?? I did not, I think it is from my std cause I have a 8 yr old daughter that I got pregnant with when I was 18..it was unplanned..so I know I had ewcm before just not now. I uesd real egg whites this cycle....we will c....I guess, and hope. Where are you located?? Talk to you later...Melsisa


melissa - June 29

Thanks for answering,
Well yes I know I ovulate because I've been using the Basal Body Temperature, I also bought some ovulation predictor kits which I've been using and mark the LH surge. Anyway, my husband and I have been checked and we are STD's free. Is just that it really worries me the fact that I had chlamidya for 8 months and I wonder how long it takes to develop into PID. Its hard to say, sometimes it can take 4 weeks or a year to spread into the fallopian tubes. I wonder if someone who have had a history of Chlamydia have had a problem to conceive. I'm so frustrated thinking that I might be loosing time, that my tubes could be blocked. But some of the doctors have told me that if I would develop PID I would have fever, pelvic pain, nausea, but then I have read that sometimes PID becomes asymptomatic (sorry for the spelling) which means can cause no symptoms.
Me and my husband already talked about waiting 6 more months and see what happens, if not I will perform the laparoscopy to be more certain. He will have a sperm count to make sure those six months are well spent.
To answer to your questions, I had experience a lot of white cm 2-3 days after ovulation, I'm not sure if it is his semen going out of my vagina or what?, But Melissa, you know what, at least you have a daughter and you know you can have more kids. . What STD did you have?, and for how long? I know i had mine for 8 months because first I was diagnosed with gonorrea and treated, then after eight months my partner had disconfort urinating and he got tested positive in chlamidya. Since gonorrea and clamydia are so much alike, I believe the lab missed the chalmydia diagnosis on me and after he got diagnosed I also went to have me checked and (positive, I was positive in chlamyida), so that's why based on the medical records I have I know I had that disease for 8 months.
I'm so afraid to have the laparoscopy done. I'm not sure if that is to invasive and might harm my reproductive system and make things worst. I just pray to God that some of these days I can become pregnanat to avoid the operation room and all that.
Is there somebody there who can help us ( apple and melissa).
Have you been able to conceive after having STD's?


melissa - June 29

apple, I had chlaymadia just like you.


apple - June 29

do you know for how long?


melissa - June 29

it could range from 4 yrs to 5 months???


depressed - January 6

i had two stds ive been trying to get pregnant for a year and nothing and i feel all my chances of gone ive tried everything i can not afford ivf and me and my boyfriend have recently slpit due to depression what can i do


Jennifer - April 7

I was just diagnosed with Chlamydia yesterday and I have all of the symptoms: horrible abdominal pain, bleeding, frequent urination, burning. It sucks. I attained this disease about three weeks ago and today, the Dr. told me that I might have PID already. I am waiting for them to call me back right now so that we may figure out which "course of action" to take. They said, depending upon how far along the disease has progressed in my body will determine the course of action. I got it from my boyfriend who has had it for a while. He had zero symptoms what so ever so we were unaware. I just wanted to let you know what was happening to me in case it helps anything. I know I am not trying to get pregnant or anything so I don't know how much help I can give. The doctor said that there is no telling how long it takes to get PID because everyone is different. I'll get the call today so we'll see. Good luck to you and your pursuits.


Nikki - April 7

I've never been diagnosed with chlamydia, but when my doctor tested me about a year ago, he told me that I shouldn't worry because it usually only made you infertil if you had had for years. I hope this helps you worry a little less. And Apple, if all three doctors told you that they didn't find any signs, I wouldn't worry too much. Two months is not that long, so I would give it a few more months and then go back to your fertility specialist and see what he suggests. Good luck.



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