had AF 2 weeks ago-NOW BLEEDING AGAIN!
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patty - October 26

my af showed up 1 week late (so ofcourse i got my hopes up) now 2 weeks later i am bleeding again! has this ever happened to anyone? what could it be ?i am ttc for 6 months. my cycles are irregular -but they are not very long. they range from anywhere from 21 to 30 days. i guess you can see why when af was late 1 week (because it was a 36 day cycle-which never happens to me) i got my hopes up-!!! now i am crying my eyes out becausee it has been only 2 weeks since my last af and af is back ! it is not sad enough for me that i cant seem to get pregnant but now i have this other problem to deal with ! someone help me !


T - October 26

Sounds like you will need some meds to get more regular. Are you seeing a dr?


patty - October 26

no -i havent been to the doctor ---yet.but i will go very soon ! has this happened to anyone ? could it be a cyst or something ? i exclude implantation bleeding .


lola - October 27

Unfortunately, this same thing happened to me and I had an ectopic pregnancy. I started my af as usual and a week later it started again. I called my dr and she said that I should take a pregnancy test, I did and it came up positive. I was so happy but knew there was something wrong. About 2 weeks later I was still spotting and I developed this awful pain on my side, I got really sick like I had the stomach flu. I went into the er and luckily, they were able to save my tube. Hopefully this isn't the case with you!


jcr - October 27

I am always irregular and without meds I sometimes have my period every other week. It is a pain, but hormones jumping around. I would see a Dr about it to ease your mind. Good luck


patty - October 27

i am not taking any meds to regulate my cycle--because i am ttc- i see no point in taking birth control. i did take a test. 2 days before my last af- ( the one that came 1 week late. i actually took 2-hpt NEG. so i do not think i was every pregnant-so i do not think it is ectopic. i will go see my dr soon. but honestly i am terrified. the unknown of what is wrong with me is driving me nuts !


Lola - October 28

Are you still bleeding? and have you taken HPT recently? My test didn't come up positive until I started bleeding the second time.


patty - October 28

lola-i did take a hpt-when my af was late 1 week-NEG. then 2 weeks later i am bleeding. it seems to be stopping. today is day number 4. i feel that i did ovulate 2 days after i finished af because i had some globs of jelly cm.but i do not think it is implanation bleeding because the time frame doesnt convince me. i think maybe it is a cyst or hormones. it seems like the bleeding has stopped so lets say 3 days of bleeding but just enough to wear 1 pad a day. the blood was red and mucosy at times!


kate - October 28

hi i was reading JCR remark- is thal ok to get af so often ? what do the dr.s say baout that -i was just wondering can you actually get pregnant with such a short cycle of 15-17 day cycle ?


Lola - October 29

Patty-It doesn't sound like an ectopic pregnancy after all.. I was bleeding about the same amount as you were but it continued on until after I was diagnosed, so about a week and a half. Will you see your dr soon?


patty - October 29

thanks lola for being concerned. i plan on seeing my doctor this coming week.i hope he can figure out why i am not remaining pregnant. ...so we will see.


shannon - October 30

It is so strange because I am experiencing the same thing right now. I noticed some ewcm on cd 6 and cd7 but thought nothing of it because I had just had dental surgery and thought that this may make things abnormal. Also, I have been using progesterone cream twice a day but my doctor said to cut it down to once a day. On cd 15 I started having spotting (this was one day after I started using the cream only once a day). The spotting has been on and off for three days now. Also, on the first day of spotting, I had some cramping and now and having "uterus" pains. Whild bd'ing with husband tonight, it was very painful. It felt like my uterus was hurting. Any suggestions? I am a little scared.


hi - October 30

did you gals ever think it can be implantation bleeding-some woman actually get their periods (the first month ) when they are pregnant!


shannon - October 30

I did think it may be implantation bleeding but now I am not so sure. Last night, I had terrible pain in my pelvic area. It either felt like my ovaries were hyperstimulated or my uterus was cramping but not releasing. The pain was not good. It kept me awake most of the night. I am a little sore today but not as bad as last night. I am not sure what this could be. If the pain gets bad again, I will go see a doctor today.


patty - October 31

shannon-it may very well be implantion for you---my bleeding stipped-4 days of bleeding but very little-one pad a day. i will wait 2 weeks then go see my gynocologist. maybe he can finally give me something to GET PREGANT since we have been trying for 6-7 months with NO luck !



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