HAD 1st IUI looking for other IUI'ers!!!
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addie1717 - February 13

Hey everyone,
I had my 1st IUI done this past Friday, and everything went well. My husbands SA in Sept was below Avg and only 20% motility...when they did the wash for the IUI on Friday, the Dr. said it looked like night and day! He had over 500 million with 85% motility. Needless to say, I got a lot injected!!! I had definatley 2 eggs maybe 3 this month....so we are hoping for the best. Anyone else have any stories? Has IUI worked for anyone? If so how many did you have to do? I also had a prediction from Cheri...she said April but did not see IUI...which I thought was strange...I emailed her to tell her the change in DH count and motiltiy. She said she had to stick with April, but that she does not mind iuf I get a BFP early and sometimes she's a little off. Anyone else have a prediction from Cheri that came true?


chandellina - February 14

hi there, good luck! did you have injectables or clomid before your IUI? I am looking at going into my first round next month, with injectables.


angelkitty - February 14

I had an IUI on FEB 6th with clomid...my 1st IUI. I will test on the 22nd if AF does not show.


addie1717 - February 14

I took 100 mg of Clomid, HCG shot to trigger and another shot tday, and also on progesterone now. I was told to test on the 24th, b/c the Progesterone will cause AF not to come. So I am 2 days behind you angelkitty! Keep me posted.


angelkitty - February 14

I will Addie. How long have you been ttc? It has been 19mos for us. The 2ww is the hardest isn't it!!


addie1717 - February 14

We have been trying for 14 months for #1 and it seems everyone is pregnant except us!!!


angelkitty - February 14

I know what you mean Addie..this will be #1 for us as well and it does seem that everyone else is getting pregnant but us. Hang in there. This forum is a great place for support - it lets you know you are not alone. You can also join us on the 2ww thread!!!! Great ladies!!!


addie1717 - February 14

Has anyone heard of women getting pregnant with 1st IUI? I heard sometimes it takes a few times...why would this be?


Chas - February 14

Hi everyone, I would like to join you to see your outcomes!! I am going to try IUI soon. Our first RE appt is 2/28 so it will probably be March before we can try our first IUI. TTC first baby for 2 yrs, m/c last April. Addie, my dh suffers from low count issues. I can't believe the change is your dh's !! Was he taking anything? We have only had the one SA and he had 13 million at the time. I know they can vary anyway... but we still have not been able to conceive. I can't wait to start the IUI process. Were any of your dh's reluctant about seeing an RE? My dh says he is up for it, but he has a lot of questions. I tried to explain it to him the best way I knew how. I think once we see the doctor he will understand more. I am 31 ttc first baby, do you mind me asking how old you guys are ??? Good luck everyone !!


angelkitty - February 14

I am soon to be 34 and ttc #1.


leahb5 - February 14

hi girls. i'm 25 and ttc just over 2years. i did an iui my jan cycle, and nothing. i spotted from the time i had iui untill af. this obviously isnt normal so they put me on progesterone. i waited out this cycle for meds and iui, but i'm doing the progesterone supp. i'm taking 50mg 2xa day. what are you taking addie? i'm taking a test on monday so we'll see!! hopefully this did the trick. btw- i'm unexplained infertility. anyone else? if i dont concieve this cycle we will start back up next cycle. addie your cycle sounds really good! good luck girl!


leahb5 - February 14

angel good luck with your test too...i just realized you had iui this month!!! how exciting! how many follies?


addie1717 - February 15

Im 28, DH is 29. He took L-Carnitine 500mg every night...and abstained for 6 days before IUI...something worked. Doctor was in shock! I am on 100 mg of progesterone suppositories(sp?) only at night b/c they get a little messy! Your Dh should try L-Carnitine, you can get at GNC...also I think my husband had just gotten over a cold at the time his first SA was done and RE said that could have affected it also. DH also cut down on drinking a bit, but still had the occasional social beer. Baby dust to all!!!!


chandellina - February 15

hi guys. i'm 37 and ttc number one. (dh is 32) i have had two unexplained miscarriages that were conceived quickly but now ttc for 11 months. addie - my dh also had one terrible sa with only something like 5% motility and then the next one was over 80%. i will be curious to see how it shapes up when they take it for the IUI, hopefully a lot closer to the latter than the former!!!


angelkitty - February 15

Leah, I had two great follies. And you know what I would not mind at all if I ended up pregnant with twins.


addie1717 - February 15

I would love to have twins also...I also had 2 large follies and one small one, RE said probably only 2 eggs, since the 3rd was small. I think my DH's first SA was bad b/c he had been sick with a fever prior to that one. When is you IUI chandellina? Let us know how it goes. I am really feeling positive this cycle...I have taken a nap everyday after work this week...I never take naps! Still have slight cramping today, does nothurt just can tell it's there...Baby dust to us all!!!


Hannah B - February 15

Hi Girls, can I join? Wow Addie your husband's count sound great. I just did my first IUI for this cycle. I have another one tomorrow. I had my first IUI in December--we had some LH surge issues so we ended up doing 3 total IUI's for that cycle. We did get pregnant. But at the first beta the HCG levels were low. 5 days later it was down to 2, so the pregnancy didn't stick. So yes it can happen on your first try. I'm 31 and DH is 32, so we are ready to get the family started. He has great sperm count, so the issue basically lies with me. This is our second Clomid / IUI cycle. I've been on Clomid before and have only produced one follicle each time. This cycle we have 3--so I have my fingers crossed. Good luck to all.



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