gynecologist appointment
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kim - July 3

hi girls its my first appointment tomorrow at 3pm i'm excited and worried, i'm desperate to find out why i haven't got pregnant after 2yrs of trying but i'm also scared to finally know in case its serious, i have got no idea to what expect or if any tests will be taken on my first visitl.... can anybody help???????


Lena - July 4

My first appt with my gyno was really for a referral to an RE, and my gyno did a pab smear, ovary and breast exam.. My first appt with my RE was a consultation with my husband present. We knew our reason for IF so we talked about our options. We then met with a nurse practioneer who gave us a very precise course of treatment, and set me up to take a gajillion tests.


Kerri - July 4

Hi Kim...I can only tell you about my experience at the OB/GYN. My husband went with me and it was just a consultation-we talked about my history, how long on(and off) bcp, goals and expectations. We didn't do any immediate tests on me that day, but he did order a semen analysis for my husband. I'm supposed to contact his nurse when I start my period and they want to do blood work on day 3 of my cycle and day 21--I believe he's checking my thyroid(cause I've been having usually long cycles) and my hormone levels(LH, progesterone, etc.) I haven't started my cycle over again since my appointment with the doctor, but my husband has been tested in the meanwhile. Good luck at your appointment



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