greeneyed Lost a baby now I need surgery
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greeneyedgemini616 - December 20

So here it goes. Most of you know that I lost my first baby on October 5th. I was 22 weeks pregnant. Went through complete labor and delivery. But I have never stopped bleeding. I have many problems with my reproductive tract so I let in go until now and I went to the hospital today to make sure everything was ok. Of course it's not I still have part of my placenta inside me. So now 5 days before Christmas I get to have a emergency D&C> I am so MAD!!!! I am just so depressed I can't imagine dealing with anything more. I am just so tired. First the endometriosis then ovarian cyst,next precancerous lining needing to be removed from uterus via D&C, and again found out I don't ovulate, Ok fertility clinic and meds to get preggers, yeah I get pregnant but I lose baby do to an incompetent cervix that is congenitally short and they should have caught it and sewn me shut before I lost the baby and NOW I have to have another D&C cause they left part of the placenta behind. Sometimes I just want to give up!! But I only want one healthy baby is that to much for any of us to ask. Sorry I am just really upset and I have had enough.


Mega - December 20

Greeneye--I am so sorry to hear this latest update about the D&C. You've already had too much pain to deal with & it seems too much to ask that you relive it again. But it definitely sounds like the placenta needs to come out for your health. I wish you a speedy recovery physically with the surgery. And please know you're in our thoughts this holiday season. And now at least the dr's know about the incompentent cervix so you should be on your way (when you're mentally ready) to conceiving that healthy baby you long for. We all long for. Not too much to ask for at all. Hang in there. And don't apologize for venting to us. Get it all out, that's what we're here for.


wannabeamom - December 20

Aubree, I am so sorry for what you are going through. You know you can always email me to vent. I have been thinking about you. I am not magic with words, but try to get through this and when you are ready to, try again. Take one day at a time and take care of yourself. You have been through a lot. Your friend, Kathy


slowpoke01 - December 21

oh green eyed i am so sorry for all that you have been through. that is so much for one person to handle. i hope that everything works out and that you get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. i am so sorry that all this has happened to you.



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