GREEN tea or RED RASPERRY tea for a BFP??
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patrizia - March 9

i am ttc for 2yrs. i have been told i dont ovulate .(hormone imbalances) i am taking a break from injections and other meds for now. --but i guess i am hoping for that "miracle" during my break cycles. i heard about green tea and red rasberry tea are good for helping fertility . did anyone try it and get a BFP? and what days of the cycle? which tea is better to try ? any ohter secrets that can help ? thanks.


linds99 - March 9

There is a tea blend called FertiliTea that contains ovulex that assists in ovulation. Have you tried this or hear of it? I have tried it several times before meds and had ovulation from it, very strong ovulatory pains from it, drank it religiously a few times a day, (but I don't have quality ovulation because I have PCOS-so it didn't help me create better eggs...) :) Although green tea is good for you, I have read that it robs the body of folic acid and you shouldn't drink it when you are pregnant because of that reason. I have researched red raspberry tea and I would only take this tea (drink it 3 times per day) during the follicular phase to build up the lining of your uterus. Don't drink it after ovulation as it was seen to cause uterine contractions (and you don't want that.)


patrizia - March 9

thanks linds. i have heard of fertiltea, the only thing is i live in itlay so it is hard to get my hands on it. i guess i will have to sak my sister (who lives in NY) about RE just put me on progesterone supplements now on day 16 to day 25 of my cycles to make them a bit regular. i am a bit pissed because she was like you still can get pregnant even if you are on these progesterone pills ---but i am like....what??? i am missing the ovulating part !!!!!!!!! but we shall see. i am doing this until june.hopefully something good will happen before then so i dont have to go back on injections. good luck to you !


linds99 - March 9

Your from Italy? Wow! That is cool. You can order Fertilitea on-line and have it sent to your sister's house and she can ship it to you. Where in Italy are you? My husband is from Calabria, (Sambiase)...I love Italy!


linds99 - March 9

I kinda get what your doctor is doing. Do you have a progesterone deficiency during your luteal phase (after ovulation)? Maybe that is why she is just giving you progesterone pills this time because you don't have an ovulation problem, but actually sustaining progesterone problem for a solid 10-14 days after ovulation. That is the only thing I can think of related to her rationale for just giving you the progesterone.


patrizia - March 10

hi linds. thanks for your help. honestly i have no idea what the RE wants to do. i think she is just trying to balance my hormones a bit. i needed a hysteroscopy for a polyp in january after a few injection cycles. a plus i have 2 cysts still left over from my october injection cycle. plus---i had a lap last year in march for cysts. they did find a small endo cyst that was taken out. so honestly like a weirdo i did not even ask why they want be to do the progesterone thing for now. i just knew that i wanted to take a break from injections. i do have irregular cycles. before my lap they were very short sometimes every 17 days and if i would last the whole 28-32 i would spot for days before af. after the lap they got weird sometimes long sometimes short sometimes every 28 days. any insight? hope everything is a bit easier for you !!!
ohhh---i live in avellino. ---not that far from calabria. (they are both in southern italy) have you ever been to italy ? calabria has great beaches !!!!!!!!!! i have been there a few times.


linds99 - March 10

Hi Patrizia, (beautiful name by the way), yes I was in Calabria, the beaches are marvelous, the best and cleanest in the world. Sooo cool that you are living in sourthern italy. You should come to the more part 1 thread, lots of nice gals on there always ready to listen, give advice. Anyway, yes your RE is trying to balance the hormones, as it sounds like you are estrogen dominant (over estrogenized) which can cause polyps to form in the uterus. And those left over cysts also give off estrogen so the progesterone will make them go away faster. She is absolutely correct then to give you the progesterone at this point. If your cycles were that short, it is very likely that you had a luteal phase defect due to be having estrogen dominance. Start with the diet. Progesterone is released from the corpus luteum when an egg is released. One chemical they found dominant in progesterone is lutein. Maybe you need to increase your lutein? Also, I assume you are taking a pre-natal? Maybe add a DHA omega complex to that too. And I really think that the tea may help you, as it may strengthen and heal your uterus from the lap, etc. Consider these things this month on a break from injections. (Sometimes years of eating chicken and milk from animals infested with hormones may through a women's cycle off and cause her to be estrogenized too much.) I understand about the injections, I just came off of an IVF cycle (got preggers but had a mis carriage a few weeks ago) and those injections are not fun. Let me know how you are doing soon!


patrizia - March 11

hi linds.---i am probably so annoying but you are so helpful and kind--i was wondering do you knew of any foods or stuff like that -that will aid in ovulation ? does any kind of diet exist that can help ? this whole ttc stuff is so fustrating ! i am so so sorry to hear about your miscarriage!!!!!!!! it must have been terrible to hear that ! I--VF is already tough emotionally and physically--then also a miscarriage!! are you doing an IVF cycle soon ? i sincerely wish you tons of luck for a HEALTHY BFP !!!!!! i always talk to god saying to myself---after all this--if i do become preganat please please please let it stick because at times i feel so fragile that i think a miscarriage will only push me over the edge !!!!!!!!!!


pmblake - March 11

Hi Patrizia, I wanted to let you know that I drank Raspberry tea for 2 months. I also took 50mg of clomid w/ a trigger shot... I only developed one follicle both months so I don't know if it was because of the tea or the clomid? I typically don't ovulate on just a low dose of clomid so I hope the tea played a part. I used about 4-6 bags a day and double bagged my tea.... By that I mean I would have 2-3 cups of tea a day w/ 2 bags in my each time. I stopped the raspberry tea right before O. I also drank green tea throughout my entire cycle. I was very fortunate to have just recently gotten pregnant during my second month of this treatment. I have been through injectables and all sorts of things in the past and have had 4 m/c. I really hoping this one sticks!! Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I do believe in teas and herbs in helping us heal and to keep our bodies functioning. There is also a tea called "female toner" which is supposed to be good at getting your body back in sync. Best of luck to you!!


patrizia - March 12

congrats pmblake on your pregnancy!!!! . i guess i will also start to drink green tea also...DECAF right? i think too much caffeine isnt so great. i am dissappointed that my RE only put me on progesterone and not any FSH drug. are the any natural food things to help follicle development ?


pmblake - March 12

Hi Patrizia - Raspberry tea is the the only thing that I could find for follicle development. Like I said - I'm not sure if it helped me or if it was clomid. And yes, decaf green tea is what I use! Best of luck to you!



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