Green Tea Helping Conception
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Char - May 25

I am not sure where the post went but i remember reading one that asked if green tea madeit wasier to get pregnant. I was reading Pregnancy Magazine - June Issue Page 106 - and this is the answer that it gave regarding that. Just thought i would share incase whoever posted it didn't get it answered. ......... Q- I've heard green tea can make it easier for me to get pregnant. IS THAT TRUE?...............A- PROBABLY NOT> While there are many studies that show compunds found in green tea can have health benefits, only a handful of studies have been done on the benefits of green tea for fertility and none of them have shown any clear benefits. In fact, caffein and tannin -- two of the ingredients in green tea -- can actually lower your chances of conception.


Char - May 25

(sorry about the typos - was reading and typing)


Drew - May 25

Probably the only benifit of green tea is using it to loose weight and get a little healthier before TTC. Overweight women usually have a harder time TTC. Not that I'm implying that you are overweight, thats just my understanding of it.



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