Grandpa VIV this is serious....
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Helen - July 3

My lab send me the following results:
Follicules - 7 on each side
FSH: 11.7 (up from 3.8 last year)
Inhibine B: 18 (down from 83 last year)
Oestradiol plasma. : 65 (down from 90 last year)

I am desparate as I think this may mean I am INFERTILE????? can you please, please tell me. Is this the end????? Why are the values so VASTLY different to same time last year....PLEASE help me some information, me - I am lost and don't know what to do...I am new to this, so i don't know yet.


Drew - July 4

Hi Helen, grandpa viv doesn't come to this forum, I can't remember which one he's on. Just so your not dissapointed if he doesn't answer you here. :)


kim - July 4

helen, he's on 'signs of pregnancy' a lot. hope he helps you!



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