Grandpa Viv?? Please???
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Shay - January 31

I wondered if you could tell me what would cause a woman to spot but not start her period. Yesterday morning I spotted (reddish/dark pinkish) on TP, very early morning around 4am. Similar to first day of AF. But, only that one time. When got up at 6am, brownish discharge. Today, brownish discharge. Temps still up, not decreasing for AF. This has happened only once before. When it happened before, AF did come a few days later, after a similar pattern of brown discharge. Another note, I do have several days of brown discharge each month before AF, but this is only the 2nd time I have EVER experienced pre-AF bleeding. Any ideas at all what it might be??? I can supply more info if needed, or clarify this experience also if needed. I would REALLY appreciate your advice. I'm so confused :( Thank you sooooooo much!


Shay - January 31

just bumping, if possible :)


Shay - February 1

Please? any help out there? I spotted again last night, then brown discharge. Spotted again this a.m., then brown discharge. Temps remain higher than AF. Temp this a.m. was 98.0, usually 97.4-97.7'ish when AF is arriving. Cramping. I'm pretty sure AF is on her way, but still would love to know your thoughts on my situation Grandpa Viv, and what could possibly cause this bleeding before an actual period. :( Thanks so much!


Shay - February 2

pretty please??? my temp has dropped to 97.7 so on day 4 of brown discharge, I think AF is finally going to arrive. The actual brief red spotting once each day just concerns me. I don't have an OBGYN and can't get in for months as a new patient :( anyone have any advice or experienced anything similar before??


rachel - February 2

this is happening with me at the mo for the last 8 days i have spotted pink/ then brown when wiping and my temps are 98.5 at the mo and are going up daily if they keep dropping i would assume af is def on her way dunno whats going on wiv mine any ideas?


Shay - February 2

Rachel - What cycle day are you on? From what I understand, if your temps remain high, there's a good chance of pregnancy. I'm now on CD 31 (13 DPO) so since my temp has now dropped, I'm assuming AF is right around the corner. Of course, she continues to hold off today for some stupid reason :)



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