gotta question about vaginal discharge...please help
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mother2Bsoon - February 28

Ladies, I have a question and I don't want to look to deep in to this, but I would like any help I can get before my appt on Friday. Okay, I took hpt this morning it was BFN. I have been having swollen, tender breasts/nips especially to touch/hug. My cycles are highly irregular and usually doesn't start unless I am taking provera or bc. So, I was all bombed out by the negative test...oh yeah, been having dullpain in the lower right abdomen. Anyway, just a few minutes ago I felt a very heavy discharge, which I suspected (although, shocked) was af. However, when I went to the bathroom (cause I really needed to use it) after I urinated, there was this long, slimmy egg white looking cervical mucus/discharge just hanging (ok TMI, I know) with a tinge of blood through out and in the toilet. Now, there was no blood on my pants or panties. Just lots residue from the discharge and when I checked my self out there was no more blood and I feel somewhat dry. What is up with that? that has NEVER happened to me before? For those of you who don't know my story, this is CD33 took provera to start my cycle and took clomid 50 MG CD5-9, got BFN on this morning(after I got the negative, me and hubby bd-ed). If you have any advice, or any idea please pass along. Many baby blessings to all!!!


linds99 - February 28

Might be your cervical mucous plug forming...if you are pregnant! I had lots of odd discharge when I was pregnant. Sounds promising to me. Good luck.


linds99 - February 28

I just re-read that you got a negative HPT, so I don't want to get your hopes up either, but I hope you are pregnant of course! But that discharge could also be coagulated sperm that may have remained by the cervix from your BD this morning.


lovemy3 - February 28

Could the long discharge be semen with blood tinge from intercourse? I do hope it is BFP, instead of that though. hugs


mother2Bsoon - February 28

Thanks for the info. we'll see what the doctor says. Maybe hubby shook things up (I know TMI) and had my cycle starting. Not trying to get hopes up, I just needed some understanding...quite scary when your body does something different than what you are used to. Many blessings to you all.


tanner789 - February 28

well i hope it turn out to be a bfp after all , that discharge is very confusing and i can see why u would wonder and hope thats its pregnancy relate, but truthfully u cant know, it could be sperm build up, mucuos plug, late ovulation. what cd are u on now? did u moniter urself with opks for ovulation? good luck and let us know



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