Got ovulation pain?
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redphoenixx10468 - March 2

It's day 12. I was experiencing Mittelschmerz, that ovulation pain, yesterday evening. Every month I get that pain so I know I should be ovulating soon thereafter. Have you had this? When did you ovulate? I think, for me, it's about a 3 day period. So I'm assuming I should be ovulating Friday. Ladies, any ideas???


babyloves2play - March 3

I was wondering what it feels like. For the past two days I have had cramping....almost like a period but not as bad. I also had a positive opk yesterday and today. Does this mean I'm ovulating? I can't be starting my period. I'm on cd 20 today. I figured the clomid I took has caused my cycle to be really long this month. I'm just not sure what to think.



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