Got my results and now i cant stop worrying, help?
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meryl - May 3

Have been trying to conceive for the last year with long cycles since coming off the pill. Havent had a period now for 3 months. Had blood taken and was tested for pretty much everything. Everything was fine except something showed up to be slightly high which the doctor said could mean polycystic ovary. She's now referred me to a gaenocologist. Im so scared does this mean i may be infertile?


slowpoke01 - May 3

no pcos doesnt mean that you are infertile it just means that it may take you a little longer to conceive. if you have pcos they may put you on something called metformin. this will help with the insulin problem. like i said it doesnt mean that you are infertile just means it may take longer. good luck


butterflykisses - May 7

i have PCOS, and i've been pregnant many times!! my mom and my grandma have it, and we've all concieved fairly easy!! don't worry so much.. take care of your health and watch what you eat that can all help... also, try taking metformin.. it straightens out all your homones to make you suitable to ovulate and get pregnant. however, many women don't even need it.



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