Got an Egg!!
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Lulu - December 22

ok ladies. doc told me i've never o'd. this is my first round on meds and with OPK. This morning i tested. i got an egg. but yesterday it was low peak. could this be a fluke or did i really o this month?


Mega - December 22

Sounds like you definitely O'ed. That's great. What meds are you on this cycle? Good luck! Baby Dust.


Lulu - December 22

Ive been on Metformin for a little over a month and just finished femara with last cycle. im using the clearblue easy fertility monitor. ttc for 15 months. this is my first month with meds. baby dust to you too!


Mega - December 22

Thanks! Sounds promising. I hear a lot of nice success stories with Femara. Since you're on Metformin, do you have PCOS? I'm on Met with my PCOS, so I was just curious. Keep us posted on how this cycle goes for you...


Lulu - December 22

yes. i was diagnosed with pcos. funny thing is, i hear about all these nasty side effects and i have none. makes me wonder if i can take more. i will talk to doc.



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