Got AF and am feeling really down in the dumps
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Jessica - October 26

Hi ladies, I can't help but feel totally upset this month. I've been ttc for 6 months. I bought a fertility salvia kit and either i'm not ovulating (which scares me) or the kit is broken. I've made an appointment with my doctor for friday to ask him about clomid. I hope i can get some answers soon.


jj - October 26

Jessica i know from other people that the saliva one takes awhile to figure out and many abandon it for its difficult to read so it may not be you having probs. Try opk sticks starting on day 10 and start charting your temps, watch you cervix height and if its open and your mucous. Don't go on clomid too early as it can cause problems too ie: side effects like headaches, hot flashes, thinning your lining so you cant carry a baby. You need monitoring when on it to make sure you arent getting cysts or things like that. It will work out. Once you know what your body is doing and you are sure you are bd'ing on the right days and you arent getting pregnant then maybe look into drugs. But if you can do it naturally you are far better off. Miscarriage rates go up in those on fertility drugs. I wish you luck .


annette - October 26

hi , i can totally relate to your situation. i have been ttc for 27 months and am on medication now. i have been hearing a lot of sucess stories in this forum, and believe me that has been one of the most important motivation for me to go on. do not worry if u havent been succesful for 6 months. all i can suggest is that if u have a regular cycle, and are sure u are ovulating, there should not be any issues. i have read that 80% of the normal fertile couple conceive within the 1st year of ttc. if in case you have doubts abt your ovulation, i suggest that u use opks and chart ur temps for a couple of months so that you can be sure when u ovulate. else you can just make it clear by getting a checkup or bloodwork done. u need to talk to ur gyn and get things cleare out. Good luck to you.


Lily - October 26

Hi Jessica, I am in the same boat. Been TTC for 10 months now. About the saliva kit, I bought one last month and had the same problem. The trick is to take a sample first thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth or drink anything. Then let the sample sit for a while. I leave it for an hour or so. When you look at it, just keep focusing until it seems clear. It took me a while to get the hang of it. Good luck and hang in there.



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