good website for male factor infertility problems
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kj - October 19

I just stumbled over this website while searching for male factor infertility info and found this. I read through it and it gives a tremendous amount of info for those of us dealing with such issues:


sorry try this below - October 19


im really trying here - October 19

ugh its still not working it keeps adding in extra dashes. At the end it is bboard no dashes and no dashes in between the bboard part


kj - October 19

ok i found a back door way for you to get in. Go to
then click on Just for men on the upper right side. then click on 'chat' then click on transcripts for past chats
and then read all the different ones. The one i was referring to is dated 9/7/2005 by Dr Larry Lipshultz


isa - October 19

hey kj that has some very interesting info on it -thanks for sharing.



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