good site for advice but noone answered my posts????
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kerry - September 6

Just wondering why in the last 2 months having discovered this site and thinking it was fantastic, and posted 2 questions myself, being anxious about my infertility and needing support and advise why I have bever had any response to my posts?! I would have loved the care that other people seem to get with their genuine problems.


amanda - September 6

what is your problem? irregular periods,pcos,endo?


Lena - September 6

Typically I won't answer a post if there are currently other threads addressing the same issue. I don't know the answer or feel someone else knows the answer better than I do. Or I won't answer if I don't understand the questions posed. Sorry, its not intentional or personal. What were your questions?


kerry - September 7

Hi, thanks for some response, almost given up hope! As previously explained in past posts... I was on depo for 9 months, came off it in jan 04, got my first period May04 and they were VERY irregular from 1 day to 6 weeks of bleeding up until Dec 04, Jan 05 til now they seem to have settled and are now 22 - 28 days. I had blood tests done early in the year which said I wasnt ovulating but ones in May said I was but still been unable to conceive. I have 9 and 6 yr old daughters from a previous relationship. My current partner of 3 yrs has had his semen analyised and told he was normal. I have an appointment in Oct at the fertility clinic to discuss what options to take. I have never known when I ovulate but on Monday 5th and Tues 6th I had some discharge and "feelings" down below, 2 days after my last period and also had intercourse on Sun 4th and wondered if this was me ovulating and what anyone thought the chances of me conceiving were or did we have intercourse too soon? My partner been working away Mon-Fri for last 3 months so only had weekends together so been even harder. I know people cant answer me but just some words of encouragement would be grateful! Wasted so much money on Preg tests I almost given up hope! Thank you.


Helayna - September 7

It can get very frusterating at times, and everyone here has probably experienced those feelings. But you just have to keep your chin up, and know it will happen for you. It will happen for us all!!! And just think how much we will love those little jelly beans when it finally does happen!! Good luck at your appointment! I bet they will be able to answer all your questions. *baby dust* -Helayna


KellyN - September 7

Oh, yes, I remember reading this question. Sorry no one answered, Kerry! I didn't answer because I don't know anything about depo, and am not certain what you mean about your guessed ovulation time. Do you take BBTs? Or do opk testing? These things would better tell you when/if you are ovulating. Good luck with the doc! I'm sure they will get things figured out for you. Let us know how you are doing, and what the doc finds out.


Lena - September 7

Kerry, it wasn't clear from your post when you had af. Keep in mind that, on average, woman ovulate 12-16 days before af. On a 22 day cycle that could be 6-10days after your first day of heavy bleeding. On a 28 day cycle that could be 12-16 days after your first day of heavy bleeding. As you can see, even with a slightly irregular cycle, your window for predicted ovulation is 10 days long. When you meet your RE in October, they will review your cycle history, perform tests to ensure you are ovulating (as that can change from cycle to cycle), and review your coitus history. Since your partner is home only 2 days / wk, they may have you take hormones to regulate and time your cycle for the days he is home. Best wishes.


kerry - September 7

Thanks for your responses, No I dont do BBT's etc, my GYN told me not to bother as everyone is different and basically just to have intercourse every other day from day 10-20 of my cycle! Am on day 5 after my last period and had discharge for 3 days now and the horrible ache I get on my left side of my stomach. Is this me ovulating?? If so had intercourse the day before I got discharge, would this be too soon to conceive?


kerry - September 7

Hi Lena, My last AF was 26 Aug til 2 Sept. Thankfully my partner is home on 9th for good so just have to hope and pray!


KellyN - September 7

You are on cd (cycle day) 5? Ovulation at that point would be really rare, but anything is possible. I have heard a lot of doctors do not like temping, but I love it. Its not an exact science, but I can difinitively see every month when I ovulate, and know when my temp goes down that af is on its way. For me it is pretty easy because 98.0 degrees F is my cover line. So when I am in the 97s, I am waiting to ovulate, when I am in the 98s I have ovulated and am waiting to test. I highly recommend it, despite what some docs may think.


KellyN - September 7

Oh, you were writing your last post at the same time I was writing mine. If you started af on the 26th, you are on cd 13. It is likely you will ovulate at any time if you haven't already. I usually get some sort of ovulation pain in my ovaries areas when I ovulate too, so that is a sign that it may have happened already. Sounds like you are right on target to me!!


kerry - September 7

Hi KellyN, feel quite embarrassed sometimes the fact that I am a woman but know so little about my body and how it works!! Sorry bout the confusion of what cycle day I am I had intercourse on cd 10 and on evening of cd 11, and days of 12, 13 I have been having dishcharge and today (cd 13) what appears to be left ovary pain....... how long does sperm survive for do you know? Did we have intercourse too early do you think? How long have you been TTC?


KellyN - September 7

Hi Kerry! Sounds to me like you bd right on time. I've heard sperm can last for last for several days and sometimes longer. We are all still learning here. I'm always coming up with questions that I post here too. Heck I was quite clueless before I started ttc last year. And I was 35 years old!! Now I'm 36, and just semi-clueless. ;o) These ladies have helped me a lot, so its always good when I can actually help someone else!


KellyN - September 7

Oops, that was supposed to be: sperm can last 2-3 days and sometimes longer. 36 and still clueless!


kerry - September 7

Dont worry, I'm SOOO clueless I dont know who I am sometimes! Well fingers crossed that my other half and I bd (whatever that is?!!! taking me a while to sort out all these abbreviations but getting there!!) kinda can guess what you mean tho! So now I just gotta wait for my "af" (see getting there!!) which I predict to be about 20 sept if its 26 days apart again! I hate the waiting part, dont u?! Thank you for your help and if theres anything I can try help you with just ask away! p.s. I live in England so dont worry if I dont reply for ages its just the massive time gap! (now you'll tell me you live in England too??!!)



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