good news after 7 years of infertility
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aj - August 3

I wanted to share this story with anyone who feels hopeless about becoming a mother. My husband and I tried to conceive for 4 years before I finally became pregnant without medical help. I m/c at 8 weeks. After that I was so certain that I would in deed become pregnant soon. My periods have always been normal so I figured I was fine as well. After 1 year we decided to see what our limited options were due to the fact that insurance didnt cover any cost for infertility and we had spent our savings on our new home. After my husbands tests checked out fine and i endured 3 miserable rounds of clomid, I gave up. We decided that it wasnt meant to be and in time we would adopt. I didnt mention however that i have always been overweight by about 45lbs. I knew lots of women larger than me that conceived quickly without medical help so I never considered that my weight was the issue. As of the beginning of May I had lost 30lbs and June I found out that I was pregnant. Even if this story apllies to only one women out there I hope it helps.


KellyN - August 3



D. - August 3

Congratulations!! That is awesome!! I wish you a happy, healthy and boring 9 months!


hay - August 3

congratulations well done


Nans - August 4



SR - August 5

I totally agree with your story. I know lots of women that aren't obese, but slightly overweight and they had problems concieving. Once they lost weight, immediately they concived. Having trying myself for the past year with no luck, I am starting to wonder if that is my problem. They don't mention this in any books or websites. Some women concieve very easily, whether overweight or not. However, some are very sensitive. I am only about 30 lbs overweight, and I am going to lose weight and see if this makes a difference. As a pre-nursing student, I have learned that your body has to be in a certain body fat pertentile rate. This means, whether underweight or overweight, your body may have too little or too much body fat and your body is not secreting the specific hormones that allow you to get pregnant. Your body is not secreting these hornomes because it feels that your body is either too small or too large to carry a healthy pregnancy.



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