gonorrhea cant get pregnant
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SC - May 5

my soon to be husband and i have been trying to get pregnant today at the doctor we found out that we both have gonorrhea. I really dont know what to do because it can cause infertility. will i still be able to get pregnant after the infection is gone. Can someone please help.


BUMP - May 6



Melissa - May 6

to SC: once you're treated you should still be able to conceive. The only time it causes infertility is when it is left for so long that it has gone back into your blood stream and such. Your doctor didn't explain to you about it? (don't take that as rude, I'm just thinking that if you told your doctor your ttc and he didn't explain all the ins and outs of it he may not be the best person for you to follow up with when you do conceive)


SC - May 6

Thanks Melissa
i was pregnant (tubal) before i found out i had gonorrhea of course i miscarried. it seems like i would have concieved by now it has been 3 months i'm thinking about seeing a fertility doctor


Melissa - May 6

SC, I know it's really not comforting to hear, but 3 months is not long at all. You should start with your obgyn (or gp). There are tests they can do to determine if you even need to see a fertility doctor. There are meds out there that can help with situations like these.



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