Gonal F questions
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soimpatient - September 16

Hi ladies! Well, I'm officially quitting clomid and starting Gonal F. Yay!! I was never able to ovulate on clomid and I'm hoping that Gonal will do the trick. I have started provera and then I will be starting Gonal and cd 3. My dose will be 112 and my doc said that I will probably need to take it for 12 days. I guess my question is: what was your experience with Gonal. How many days did you take it? What dose? Side effects? Did it make you ovulate? Any tips and info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks ladies!


soimpatient - September 17

Bump. Is anyone else on Gonal???


Carole - September 18

Hi So! I think I have posted with you before. You also posted on the thread with Mega, Lynn and Cmelissa! But I can chitchat with ya here! I did Gonal F back in June and will be doing another here in a couple of weeks if AF shows. I have been on 2 natural cycles since injections in June. I am officially in the 2WW right now. I took Gonal F for about 13 days. They started me with 150 b/c I usually respond slowly. I got bumped to 225 for the last couple of days of injections. I ended up with 2 possibly 3 follicles. I did a trigger shot and IUI and I did ovulate. I didn't have any side effects but I usually don't. I was on clomid lots in the past and never had side effects with that. the cycle didn't work but of course it is not a guarantee. Are you going to do IUI with it? Has your DH been tested too? I don't ovulate very regularly and I had to take provera to get my cycle started back in June when we did this. I believe I had some cysts left over after the injection cycle and my next cycle was 54 days long. The one I am in now is much shorter thank goodness. I am ovulating right now but just really late. I hope this helps you! Ask away! HOw many days of provera have you taken so far?


soimpatient - September 18

Hey Carole! Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it! I am on day 4 of provera. I am thinking about taking it for only 6 days. (i'm anxious to get my next cycle started). The first time I took it, I did 9 days, the second time I took it, I did 5 days (doc said it was okay to take it for 5 but better to take it for more). How many days to you take provera? I am on a 10mg dose. I had to wait for my cyst to go away before I could start taking gonal. Carole, I guess you are going to be busy bding if you are ovulating now! Hopefully this will be your month and you won't need to do any more injectibles!



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