Gonal F,Ovidrel injection classes ?? shud i take
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aish - April 17

hi frnds...doing IUI next cycle. please help me ...do u think i shud take classes for above injections how to take it....As i know how to give injections for INSULIN...Is that help me


Ann1 - April 17

If I were you, I would still take the class, unless you are comfortable about just reading the instructions for the injection pen (assuming you are using the pen for Gonal F). The Ovidrel you probably can figure out yourself, since it is a pre-loaded syringe. This may be the time when they go over the dosages with you as well.


Lynn - April 17

My RE requires before giving prescription. There is no choice. I agree with Ann1, you might consider it seeing you are not familiar with those injections.


aish - April 17

thanx i will take it



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