Gonal- F and IUI
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MonieMarie - October 8

Hi Ladies! I will be starting Gonal- F next cycle with an IUI. I did not repsond to 3 rounds of clomid or 3 rounds of femara- I have never had even one mature follicle. My RE is now starting me on Gonal- F. I am very thankful as my insurance doesn't pay for any of the Gonal- F, so my RE is giving me 2 450 unit pens for free! So I will spend much less on the meds than expected. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else was using Gonal- F and if they are any success stories out there... it would just be nice to hear from women in a similiar situation. Thanks! :)

Oh, and any twins? My RE said because I am so resistant to FSH stimulating hormones they would be doing this very aggressively and she asked if I would be okay with Multiple Gestation... I would love twins! My RE is the best in my area and watches your follies like a hawk- she has never had anymore than twins.. I will be having a u/s every other day cycle days 3-10.


MonieMarie - October 9

anybody using any other injectibles? follistim?


Magoos27 - October 10

Hey marie- I just finished my frist go around on the Gonal-F pen. I am going in this morning for IUI. The shots were really easy. I had responded to Clomid and produced nice big follies but my lining was thinning each month from it. So this month is the first with injectibles. Yesterday DH gave me the HCG trigger shot and we will IUI at 1100 today. You will find the pen is really easy. No pain. be sure to pinch you skin to get the needle in and then let go before actually injecting. I didn't have any real side effects either. Clomid gave me horrible acne and mood swings. I was a crazy woman and couldn't stop it. The gonal-F, on the first night I got a headache that wouldn't go away. By the third day no side effects. No Crazy, no Acne, nothing. we will fid out in 14 days if it actually works or not. Good luck to you. How are you doing>


MonieMarie - October 10

magoo- thats exciting you will be doing your IUI today! Good Luck! Did you have an ultrasound to see how big your follies were? Thanks for all the advice, this weekend we are going to The Ohio State Medical Center- my RE requires you go to an injectible training session. It should be interesting.


Magoos27 - October 10

I am in Ohio also. I went for u/s every few say. My last one before triggering showed three follies, two at 19 and one at 17. The IUI went okay today and I am really hopeful that this may be the one.


MonieMarie - October 10

I hope this time works for you! So are you in the Columbus area? I live in a very small farming community NE of Columbus. My doctor is Dr. Sejal Patel.


Magoos27 - October 11

I am actually down at Wright-Patterson AFB. I amhoping this month works for both of us! Good luck, let me know how the training goes. Is DH squeemish about needles? Mine is, the first time he had to give me the trigger he almost passed out. I had to sit him down with his head between his knees and get him a cold compress! It was hysterical. I ahve now dubbed all this as "The Adventures in Infertility". Try to keepa sense of humor about it, you will need it sme days. So What is the name of your twon? My DH is from Upper Sandusky. My inlaws are all in Upper, Delaware, and Marion.


MonieMarie - October 11

I live in Utica, OH. Thats too funny about your DH- my husband told me he doesnt even like being in the same room with a needle. I told him he better suck it up, lol. I cant wait for AF to come to get all this started-- this cycle I didnt respond to the Femara- no follies so I am only on cycle day 18...I am so impatient..haha.. Well I hope your 2ww goes fast! So has anyone else been doing injectibles like Gonal-F or Follistim??


julie2007 - October 11

hi girls - (magoos how are you?) MONIEMARIE - i did injectibles for the first time this month - repronex and then antagon (aka. ganirelix) and a trigger shot - then IUI - i had no experience with them before - i had jsut had my 2nd m/c this year at the very end of august - so my RE surprised me by saying ok let's get back on that horse and start shots TONIGHT (when i went in for my 4 wk after miscarriage ck up!) -- so i did it - and i mean it was ME who did the shots - dh tried once - but his hands were shaking so much and he got all lightheaded - and poked me once and took it back out - that i had to re-poke that night - and do it for the rest of the 10 days! so i understand the squeemish hubby! (not that i like needles either but i want a baby more than not likeing needles!!) --- i was going to be on gonal-f but my RE found that the repronex only cost me a $20 copay - and the gonal was going to be like $3000. so she said we'll give this a try and if i don't respond then we'll swithc to the expensive one! i had 4 eggs at time of IUI - so she was pleased - there were 5 at one of the u/s but one egg didn't grow much - so we counted it out. --- i grew up in western NY and am familiar with the winters in your guys area - my hubby grew up in AZ so he has no idea what a wind chill or lake effect snow from lake ontario means!! -- i wish you guys both good luck - i have been wanting to keep up woth folks doing IUI so i hope this thread takes off - we seem to be on and off on the sept/ oct IUI thread - good luck girls (i am 3dpiui!)


julie2007 - October 11

MONIEMARIE - i should ahve just invited you over to the IUI september / october thread - that is where i know magoos from and we have a few very nice ladies over there in various stages of IUI - and i bet we'd be agreat source of support for one another - come on over.



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