Gonal F & IUI Success Help!!!
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Atava - March 30

Getting ready to start my 1st cyle with gonal f & IUI. I had a laproscopy due to a cyst on left ovary and endo, October of 2005 and my OB said that everything looked good and that he flushed my tubes at the time and they were clear. Went on Lupron to suppress any more endo growth. Finally started back on a normal mensus cycle September last year so basically I've had 6 normal cycles. We decided to go to a specialist to speed up the process because of my age. Took the clomiphene challange and I passed and my husband did a SA and everyting looked good with the exception of the morphology 3%. Has anyone with similar circumstances and age had success with the Gonal and IUI? Thanks ?


Tracy88 - March 31

I had a laparoscopy in July of 2006, took a month off to heal, then did a cycle of Gonal-F with back-to-back IUI's and got PG. I am currently 33 weeks and ready to explode!!! I am also currently 37 years old.


Sonyamac - April 2

Hi there, I am 38 years old, and I had a laparoscopy in April of 2005, tried clomid, then in September that year did IUI-they will only do it 4 times before referring you to IVF, well ,I conceived in Oct. 05, it could have been natural or by the IUI, dh had a very poor count and motility, only 12 mill. We have a beautifull baby boy-8 months old. We are current;y trying IUI again for another. We live in Canda, the fertility clinic does this routine-d2-d6-clomid 100 mg, -thenBW/US , then they tell you how much Puregon (Follistim) to take for
for 2-3 days then back for BW/US, then they tell you again, how much to take, once the follicles are at the right size and at least one, not too many or they won't do it, then the shot of Ovidrel to trigger O......hope this helps. Good luck. I am also on the- IUI April forum-you should check it out, I think that you will find it helpful.



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