Gonal F & IUI Success???
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Atava - April 4

Hi Everyone, getting ready to do my IUI in the next week. Tomorrow I go in for my 2nd u/s to see if my follies have grown since I started the injections. I'm assuming that's how it works. RE did u/s on Monday and said that I had 5-7+ appx. How long does the whole process take, I read that the injections would be for appx 5-10 days dependent on the person before they do the HCG? shot? I really feel nieve about the process. RE doesn't seem to enthusiastic about my chances since my dh & I decided to go ahead with the IUI instead of the suggested IVF/ICSI procedure. My husband has great counts, but his Morph is only 3%. RE said that we have a lot working against us, my age 38, I was treated for endo by laproscopy in Oct. 2005, was on luporn for 6 mths and then there is my dh morph count. I just want to hear that it is possible even when the odds are stacked against you.


tanner789 - April 4

heah i dont know my outsome yet but i was on clomid and gonal f this month and had iui this past mon. i had only developed two good follciles but i had to take the shots 11days(which was alil longer than expected) but by cd18 i was ready for the trigger shot. i am in my tww righ tnow and only been really tired, cramping every now and then and moody. dont know what really to expect. but i think you have just as good of chance as anyone. i know ivf is more aggressive and was recommnded to me too, bc my first month on injectbales i produced 20 mature follicles and was cancelled for too much growth, but they said that outcome would have been great for ivf. but we can only do what we can afford. now on mon when you went what cd were you on, and how big were the follicels at that point? i know my re doesnt like to see over 6 mature follcies bc/ of the risk of mutliples but more bc of my age. hopefully ive helped and have some positive news in a few weeks to give u some inspiration. and wih ur hubbies low morphology they can hepl that with the wash they do on his sperm b4 iui


Atava - April 5

Today was cd7 and I had 1-11mm, 2-10mm 1-9mm, 2-8mm and 1-7mm, he told me that he would look at my blood work to see if I need to increase my dosage of Gonal. I go back in on Sat for another u/s & bloodwork. Trying to figure approx. what day since I was looking up info that said that the follicles grown 1-2mm per day? Anyway, let me know how everything is going with you.


tanner789 - April 5

yes they do say that the follicels grow 2mm everyday, but sometimes i had mine not grow over a couple days and then ive had days where they grew like3-4mm in a day so you never know. but its seems like for cd7 your growing a good number of follies and not to slow or fast-bets of luck, not much of an update for me, im feeling alot of pre af sypmtoms so only time will tell. let me know how sat goes and if you got your numbers for bw yet



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