going to try again anything new?????
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lori_tn - January 8

i went to the fertility docor for 3 years was diagnosed with pcos and took a few drugs glucophange clomid provera progesterone and a few others cant remember them all.but never got pregnant. due to depleted funds my husband and i decided to try on our own for a few years till we saved up again. a week before christmas i m/c didnt know i was pregnant doc said i was about 6 weeks along at the most. i dint have a period since nov of 2004 so i wasnt checking now i feel guilty. im a nurse at a hospital and a doctor aquatince of mine said she wanted me to come in and she would try some new stuff out on me. do u girls know of anything that has been fairly successful that i could ask her to try out.


lori_tn - January 8

oh gawd my spelling was aweful should of spell checked first sorry



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