Going to the Doctor tomorrow!
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JamieHanson02 - January 31

I am slightly freaking out today. I have a consult with my gyno tom. to see what is wrong with my body. My hubby and I have been trying for 9 months ( I am 26 and he is 25) and we have used the ovulation test kits and the fertility monitor ( I'm on my second month using it). I can't think of anything else to do to" help" the process along. I am sooo nervous! I have been on the verge of tears all day. Wish me luck!!!!!


Mega - January 31

Good luck! The important thing is that you're getting checked out. Keep us posted, okay?! Hang in there!


hopeful06 - February 1

I'm interested too---I'm sending happy thoughts your way!! Good luck!! Baby dust....


Tracy - February 1

Ask the doctor about doing an HSG to see if your tubes are clear. Has your husband had a sperm anaysis done yet? If not do that first, then the HSG, then a post coital test to see if you are killing his sperm. My Ob/Gyn has been doing all this for me. Do you have insurance?


JamieHanson02 - February 2

Well the dr basically said that I am to stressed out and that I am stressing myself more worrying about this. He said that 90% of couples in their 20's get pregnant in the 1st year and 97 in the second (I am thinking if I have to wait 2 years I will be insane). He told me to go home and drink a glass of wine and relax. Was I crazy to go and talk to him? I felt like the biggest idiot ( not to mention I cried the ENTIRE time he was talking to me and then some). I had written down all the days that I had started in the past 6 months and I even had on what days I ovulated on a couple of the months.I fell like he just thought I was absolutley insane. Anyway I am going to take the dr's advice and go have a drink.


Tracy - February 2

Usually at your age they won't do anything for you unless it's been over a year. Just keep doing what you're doing. The OPK's, etc... are really good. As long as you know when you ovulate you are in good shape. I would still check on the HSG and post coital tests, those can be done even before that year time period is up. Also the sperm analysis. This is an awful question, but has your husband ever gotten anyone PG? My doctor asked me this question before ordering the test for my husband. If you want to get the ball rolling, those are my suggestions. Good luck and keep us posted.


Melissa - February 2

I am by no means a doctor, but I think what he told you is kind of silly. I'm 26...started ttc around 24 unsuccessfully. Both my tubes ended up being blocked & I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. When I had my intitial consult with my doc at 1 year she said that normal "daily" stress usually doesn't impede conception. I'm not trying to scare you, because it did take my friend 18 months to conceive naturally, but what your doc said just isn't always true. No matter how much I would have relaxed wouldn't have solved my problem. If you can wait another few months, try charting your temps, then go back at a year. If he still isn't willing to do tests like an HSG, then I would consider finding another doctor.


Tracy - February 2

I have to say that I agree with the previous post. The doctor just seemed a little insensitive to me. Can you go to someone else? This young lady posted that both her tubes were blocked, and she probably would have never known without an HSG. You need to see someone who is going to take you seriously even if it hasn't been a year yet.


hopeful06 - February 2

I agree that the doctor's response was insensitive, but I have come across the same thing before as well. I'm 23 and my dh is 25. We have been trying for 6 months and I haven't been ovulating. My gyno is very sensitive--maybe because she is a woman?? My husband's doctor on the other hand was not very sensitive. We had a semen analysis done to make sure everything was ok on his end and his white blood cell count was high due to infection. Although he did prescribe an antibiotic, the doctor thought it was silly that we were even concerned enough to have a test done at this point and suggested we "get a six pack and go away for the weekend." He said we should stop trying because when you try things don't seem to work. I'm glad my dh is ok, but this response infuriated me!! At least my doctor is wonderful---I don't have to see the urologist again! Good luck to all.....


JamieHanson02 - February 2

I felt like he was being totally insensitive. He said because I have a daughter ( she's 7) that he knows I can get pregnant and that I can carry to term. So therefore I should just not worry about it. He also asked why I was going to such extreme measures using the fertility monitor. I don't think that is an extreme measure whatsoever. He did say that after we have been trying a year and if I still haven't gotten pregnant then we will look into the HSG and testing Justin's semen. I felt like he felf that I was totally wasting his time. I may seriously consider changing to the woman at their office.


Mega - February 2

Yes, definitely look into that. There is such thing as secondary infertility, it's not that uncommon. I'm sorry he was so insensetive. I'd HOPE the woman dr in his practice would be more understanding. Good luck. And I agree with you, the fertility monitor doesn't seem like extreme measures at all.



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