Going crazy!!!
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skeeter - October 12

I had an IUI done Sept. 28. I'm pretty sure that I was ovulating that morning. I woke up cramping like I do when I ovulate. Today is day 28 of my cycle and it's usually only 24 days long. No AF. No indication of it coming. I usually cramp pretty bad for a few days prior to AF. I tested today and BFN!!! What the hell is going on??? I also have horribly itchy nipples (TMI I know) which I had when I was pg with my son. I'm not sure what to do or think. Am I or aren't I!!!! This is driving me nuts!!! I just had to vent!!!


lovemy3 - October 12

Keep testing, my BFP's never show till cd40 on a 28 cycle. good luck!



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