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Kelly - June 13

Anybody that has taken glucophage were you sick for the first part and when did the nausea go away. I started out at 500 mg 3 times a day but was too much so I went to 1 then 2 now I am back to 3 times a day and am still feeling nausea every day. I really hope it will go away soon. It is getting old. Please Help!!


shen - June 13

hi, i'm on it too...when i first took it, it seems to be killing...very nauseous, heart beats fast and felt dizzy...i started with 500mg per day and then now 1000mg...getting used to it already...u'll probably get used to it after a while


Margo - June 13

I started glucophage on May 10 (500 mg a day) and think the side effects are so well worth it. (stomach ache, etc.) I got my bfp on Saturday after only a few weeks on it. It is is a miracle drug for me.


Drew - June 13

Hi I started taking it on May 3, and the nausea was a killer! But the good news is after you take it for two to three weeks your body gets used to it. Ginger capsules are quite helpful, they settle your stomach nicely. I'm up to 850mg twice a day, and I'm doing ok now..... just a lot of gas! But I agree, its well worth it. I actually got a period right around the day I was supposed to, which never happens. Congratulations Margo, thats inspiration for us to keep at it!


Mari - June 14

Don't worry Kelly you won't fell like that for long your body shpuld get used to it, I was sick for about 1- 2 weeks


Kelly - June 14

Thanks for all your responses> It means a lot!


Katy - June 15 long did you take the 1 pill before moving onto the second? Your doc should have started you on 500mg a day for 2-3 weeks, then 1000mg day for same amount, then up to 3. Keeps the side effects down as your body is getting used to it!


Kelly - June 16

My doctor started me out at 3 pills a day at 500 mg a pill. I was sooooo sick. I am little too only 5' 1" 110 pounds. I couldn't handle it so I just take 2 a day now until I feel better then I will go to 3.


marjery - June 19

i was on glucophage for about one week and after missing a couple days of work because i was on the pot i decided to go off of it. i wish i could have been nauseas instead of having diarhea. good luck with it. i hope it works better for you than it did for me.


Jean - June 29

I have been on Glucophage (3 tablets daily) for 4 months and have felt nauseous everyday since I started it. I have also had severe diarrhea if I eat so much as one carbohydrate. I find that if I stick to eggs, eggs, cheese meat and salad I feel much better. I can say that it has worked for to treat my PCOS as I am 9 weeks pregnant.



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