Giving up....
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Michie - December 3

I've been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. I had the HSG test done in August and my Dr. said I was blockage. I was exactly 8 days late and thought for sure this was it...finally....I got my period this afternoon.
I got very emotional and broke down. I've been through so much pain and suffering both emotional and physical (the HSG was extremely painful).
No one knows that my husband and I are going through this. I have no one to talk to.
I'm so exhausted from all the tests. I just don't know what to do


Bec - December 14

Hang in there.


Jen - December 16

I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble. I know how you are feeling, I am going through the same thing right now. I was 3 days late and on Thanksgiving, thought I was going have something to REALLY be thankful for. I got my period the next day. It was heartbreaking. 5 of my friends have gotten pregnant in the last month. I feel so left out. One of them was unplanned. She isn't married, she isn't ready. Hello! I AM ready! Maybe you guys should just take an "unofficial" break. After this Clomid cycle, that is what I plan to do. It is emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting. It always seems to happen for people like us when we least expect it.


Lara - December 17

You need to have a support network, and so does your husband. You should not feel like you are suffering alone. You are not alone.

It would be good to find some family/friends or a local group for support, but you can always come here online to chat.

Take good care of yourself and be nice to yourself.




Pinkywanstbaby - December 21

Hi Michie, I been trying for 3 yrs and just now getting somewhere. I had 3 hsg's No pain at all. 1st one was with an old OB 2nd one was with new ob and 3rd was with new RE here in Germany (military) while doing a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. The HSG showed my tubes were fully open and showed no reason for the sperm not to reach that egg. But my new RE told me he wanted to do a LAPAROSCOPY which showed why the clomid didnt work and why I wasnt getting preggy. FINALLY an answer, i soon found out recently that I HAD peritubal adhesions. Minor scarring on outside of tubes. I had the lap to remove them THX to my new RE. See the HSG doesnt show the outside of tubes, ask your doc about that. I am now on my first cycle of trying to conceive after my first lap. TC Happy Holidays :)


Erin - October 11

Please don't be so discouraged. I am going through the same thing right now. I am having the dye test done on Thursday. I have previously miscarried. Hang in there. I know it will happen for both of us. God willing.


d - October 11

yes, you have all of us to talk to. we are all here for each other.


Finally - October 11

You guys may think i'm crazy but I just have to share my story and maybe it will help others. I felt for sure that I couldnt have kids, it was devistating, my ex and I tried for 2 and a half years, and we couldnt get pregnant, he left me and went and had a kid on his own. So I knew it was me, then my current boyfriend, we tried for 1 year and a half and I started giving up, and just planned on adopting in the later years. Then on the local news, there was a story about a woman who was in the same situation and her husband and her were trying for years, and they couldnt conceive. Now I'm not certain as to where the idea came from, I'm thinking her doctor, but she took Viagra during her ovulation period and of course had intercourse, and she became pregnant. I think they said it had something to do with the blood flow, But anyways, so I'm thinking to myself, why not give it a try, couldnt hurt. Well now i'm 5 months pregnant and the most excited mom-to-be ever. You may think that its crazy but it wouldnt hurt to give it a try, I think it worked for me and her, so it may work for you.


merlee - October 12

Hi Michie. I know how you feel. DH and I have been TTC for over 3 yrs now and I have given up on the doctors; they don't treat me like an individual with my own set of issues. They treat me like every other women who wants a baby regardless of the reasons why I can't get preg. I have turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The web site has a great herbalist that will consult with you for free and give you tips on helping your personal situation. I highly recommend it. I believe that with their help I am now well on my way to a healthy pregnancy any month now. Check it out.


Lisa - October 13

It's a good think you're deciding to give up. I just had an HSG last week, and if you think THAT was painful, I'm not sure you could go through childbirth.


your ignorant - October 13

Lisa, you need to find a new place to hang! This girl needs our support and not your ignorant, thoughtless comments! Why don't you take your third grade self off these forums and leave being an adult to us mature women. When it's Michie's time to have a child one day, she'll be just fine! Good luck Michie and I hope your blessed with a little one soon!


To Lisa - October 13

That was a little harsh, do you think? Try to work on being a little more sympathic!


sympathetic - October 13

sorry I misspelled it.


There is hope! - October 13

Hey Michie I know how you feel,but don't give up stay positive I have been ttc #2 and having no luck since my last m/c and you are right it is stressing,but it will happen for all of us we just need to keep our chins up and stay positive! My best friend has been ttc for over 2 years she has been to several gyn's and specialist they have done every test, gave her fertility drugs and nothing.... since she has severe Endometreosis they would give her a certain period of time and if no luck she was basicly screwed well I went w/ her to a specialist and he told her to come off of everything that she was on wait until her next cycle come in and they would try AI and if this didn't work she was basicly hopeless and they could do nothing else for her ,well she did what they said no fertility meds or nothing and she is 7wks pregnant without the help of the docs! So i guess there is always hope and I know it is stressful and depressing I am right there w/you,but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we to will see that BFP that we are waiting on ! Good luck!



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