giveing up
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crysta - June 2

i have had pid and ovarian cyst i seem to never have a period i dont have insurence yet and cant seem to get pregnant is it expensive to see if i am able to get pregnant it would break my heart if i could not does anyone have anything to say to give me some hope


Cutie - June 2

Crysta, first of all, I wanted to tell you that there are a lot of ladies feeling exactly as you do. Honey dont give up!!! Remember we just got to be strong !!!! I understand what it means not to have insurance, but you know its even more upseting when you do have it, pay for it every month and they dont want to cover anything and I got to pay up to 20K... On the other hand its really really bad without insurance. Is there any way you can get one? Do you live in the states? Because if so, and you dont have a good -high income there are a few programs/insurances that would be abble to help with the cysts and other problems, but remember that most of those insurances will not cover INFERTILITY TESTING, ETC....Sweety, you say :"i seem to never have a period" do you mean that you NEVER get your period, you mean that you dont OVULATE? If so you need to see a doctor somehow and get some tests done and they will probably put you on CLOMID so that you can ovulate. Because you can not get preggo if ovulation does not occur. Crysta, I really understand you and always remember that we are here for support... I wish you lots of love, baby dust and I pray for you dear! Remember GOD IS IN CHARGE, Lets trust in HIM


Jill - June 3

If you're in the U.S., go to your county health department or WIC program. Usually one of those provides care for women at a sliding scale fee, based on your income. They have doctors and registered nurses there to do exams. I had a lump in my right breast before I got insurance and my WIC department took care of a complete exam for $30. If one of those doesn't provide care like that, talk to a few OB/GYNs. Usually if you're paying cash, they do sliding scales. Good luck.


crysta - June 3

hi ty for your responce i am just really stressed out about this i would be a great mother and dont know what i would do if i could not i am just scared i am glad i found this web sight it gives me hope i wish all of you the best and pray for beautiful little babies for all of you



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