Girls with PCOS-question for you all
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andalvy - March 16

Im also 20 lbs overweight and suffer fatigue and low sex drive, a real pain when ttc!!


Katt - March 16

andalvy, sounds like your symptoms are more hypothyroid, cause those were mine along with tons of others. Read my previous post. If you check your TSH remember normal range is .3 to 3 (ref:


Katt - March 16

my hypo experience is posted here: "Hypothyroidism and TTC"


MichelleB - March 17

Well... I have just found out that I have PCOS, not even had a scan yet to determine what medication I need. My symptoms are acne on chest, nothing too bad, just a few stray spots, no periods since November 2005, fatigue, bloated and nausea (I am a normal weight for my height), headaches and a few pains in my abdomen. I am a bit worried as we are TTC and I am scared that I am infertile... I have only found out today though so I am sure I will know more soon.


mrose - March 17

DD, in response to your post about your doctor giving you metformin when your levels are all normal, so the nurse says. I had a similar situation. Last July they tested me for EVERYTHING, nurse called, said everything was normal. I found out about a month ago that I actually had an increased blood sugar level, and am insulin resistant, something that was shown on that test, but the nurse still said everything was normal...I would most defintley question the doctor personally. Goodluck!


andalvy - March 18

to Katt, I did have my thyroid checked first. It is working perfectly. Ater a process of elimination my Doc diag. PCOS and Ill tell you the Met has made a huge difference in my life.


Katt - March 18

good to know. my ob actually mentioned that to me if in fact my hubby's sp is in tact; but for that to be the case his results need to increase by like 36,000,000!!!! he's been on FBFM for about 9 months and will be tested next week. Granted I think if he can get the 4 to a 20 it'll be good?


ann - March 18

is snoring a sign of pcos?


DD - March 18

Hi all, I read a journal article about having normal hormone levels and PCOS and taking metformin. The article said that metformin will help to regulate cycles. I forget everything else, but the fasting insulin/glucose tests aren't always accurate. It said the levels will change drastically after food intake and that is overlooked. Anyways, I will continue with the metformin and hopefully get a period in the next month or two and then go on from there.


jAZZY - March 19

I have pcos, and I am overweight/225 lbs/i have extra hair on my face//i dont have periods unless i use provera and I am extremely depressed at times/with mood swings.. I think it is hereditary my mother has the same issues.. I dont have insurance so I can't pay for medicines.. and I have tried Metformin but the side effects are awful.....


BUMP - April 1



TracyR - April 1

jAZZY-How long did you stick with the Metformin? I ask because I have a sensitive stomach and GI track on a good day and the Metformin REALLY made me sick at first as well... Terrible diarrhea for the first couple of weeks but I persisted and now I am fine with it. I started out taking 500mgs/ day for the first week, then 1000mgs/day for a week, and now I am on 1500mgs/day with no problems since last November. I have lost almost 20lbs and I attribute that mostly to the Metformin helping my insulin resistance. I wanted to stop the metformin early on from the side effects, but I am SOOO glad that I perservered!!!



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